Praise In The Park

The Global Gathering For Peace

All people are welcome to join this spontaneous gathering in parks across the world to share the music that connects people with God. Through knowing and living for our Father, Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ, we can bring peace to Earth.

Every Sunday Afternoon – 2pm local time

A non-denominational Christian event dedicated to sharing the love we have for our Father Jesus Christ through music. No matter who you are or what you believe, you are welcome to join the joyous gathering of loving followers of Jesus Christ. Show other believers and the public your faith in God. He will be with you.

We stand for Truth, Compassion, Love and Forgiveness.

On Sunday at 2pm, go to your local park with a playlist and a speaker, ready to praise Christ. Stand alone, or invite your brothers and sisters in Christ. Stand in one place, or walk along the trails. Share Christ with everyone through music. You don’t need to say a word.

Christ is calling you to come together and show God’s transcendent love to all humanity.

Recommended playlists can be found here:

Christ’s redemption
Harley’s Comments

Come heal the wounds left by the pandemic. You can stand a meter, or 10, away if you like. It’s OK to be shy. This is a chance for us to all come together and share the love we have for our Lord Jesus Christ with others.

Each gathering will be a powerful experience of Christ’s love. We are going to welcome into our lives, in this glorious time of redemption, the time for the peacemakers of Earth. The time has come for Christ to return to our hearts, and us to bring his message to life.

Love thy neighbour as thy self.

Forgive those who sin against us.

In this time of praise, we can all come together and worship our Father in Heaven. Let us all gather together and celebrate his triumph; when he stood before those who hated them with a heart so filled with compassion for his brother’s suffering hatred, that it hurt him more than the nails driven through his hands.

Christ has called us together to celebrate God on this wondrous day of Freedom. So we shall worship God, Christ our Father, and Jesus who died for our sins on the cross.

Why believe in Christ?

He is real. People from all systems of belief have encountered Jesus during near-death experiences. If you haven’t heard any of these, here are a couple of interesting places to start:

Beyond Death:

JeffMara Podcast:

Shaman Oaks:

We can talk about the details of Christian belief forever, but we can all agree that our Father Christ will forgive those who come to him with a sincere heart seeking redemption. That is why we are gathering, to show how much we love God, Christ our Father, and pour out our gratitude for Jesus who showed us to live in pure submission to the will of God. Until we experience submission to God, it is impossible to understand. You have to close your eyes and fall and hope that your Father Christ will catch you.

Don’t wait until your body no longer works to face God. Have that conversation today. If you are an atheist, then there is no reason to fear asking: how would you feel if you had to face your death right now? Test yourself, see how you would feel if this was the end right now. What would you feel about God and Christ? He is waiting for you to ask him for guidance; because he is right here waiting for you when you pass into death. Our Father is watching us out at play in the field. He knows that it has to be tough for us to learn, and he knows it would not help us grow if he always intervened.

It’s up to us to show what his love can do. We can put aside our resentments and offer all our compassion and forgiveness to those who have hurt us. No matter what, Jesus had compassion for every man*.

The core message of Jesus about how we should treat each other is:

Love everyone equally

Everyone is capable of redemption.

Prince of Peace

It is up to Christ and God to deal with what needs correction, and how that correction should be made. We discover through trusting Christ that the truth will be revealed on Christ’s schedule, manifesting in total perfection according to his plan of glory for us all. If we can simply love those who are close to us, then the whole world will be transformed.

Christ is calling us to come together in wondrous love for each other so we can share and the power worship music has to create a connection between us with Christ

* The word “man” is used to describe us as a collective species, not to specify the male gender or sex.

Christ’s radiance

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