Weeping For Love

Yesterday I found myself weeping on the phone to my mother about a man I have never met. A person I have followed on social media for ten years.

I love him so much. My heart aches with so much love for him that it made me fall down on my knees and cry. I prayed to Jesus that he be saved, as he is not a Christian, but I love him so much, I can’t bear for him to not be with me in heaven.

Being the kindly lady that my mother is, she immediately wanted to help me tell this person I love them, in her innocent desire to save me from heartache. Of course, no internet celebrity receiving proclamations of crazy love is going to drop their life and run towards that crazy love. I know that. Even if he met me, he probably wouldn’t connect with me the way I have with him, no matter how much I wish he would.

As I reflected on this experience today, I suddenly thought maybe my mother thought I was crying out of a selfish want for a love from him that I will never have. Then I stopped and asked myself, why did I cry?

I cried because I have a heart aching to love him with every ounce of my heart. I cried because I know that he will probably never get to experience this love from me. I was crying that I exist, with a heart aching with love for them, and yet they will probably never know it in this lifetime.

In this moment of reflection, I felt our Father Christ Jesus showing me that this experience is a reflection of his love for us. When I love people from the depths of my heart, with nothing but pure love flowing from the deepest compassion, it is Christ’s love and compassion I experience.

When I love people this way, all my problems melt away.

I don’t need to seek joy, Christ fills me with joy.

I don’t need to seek confidence, Christ fills me with confidence.

Christ melts away my fears. In fact, he invites me to go towards my fears so that he may show me this truth.

When you fill your heart with selfless love for another person, that is the love of Christ in your heart. When your intention aligns with Christ’s infinite love, the profound love of Christ can flow through you.

We feel scared to love each other with such an open heart, because to love everyone with absolutely pure love and unerring compassion means that you can’t ever retaliate again. You have to draw a line that is uncrossable, so that no matter what happens, you will not turn from compassion. Never again will another’s actions justify your sin, but don’t quake in fear. Christ is here with you as you step into the infinite compassion. It is his compassion that flows through you.

Look up to the heavens, raise your hands up high, and ask Jesus to lead you in his Way. His way of compassion.

From perfect truth flows perfect compassion.

From perfect compassion flows forgiveness.

From perfect forgiveness flows perfect love.

We may not be able to experience perfect truth, but we can live as if we did. How would we act if we could experience perfect truth? We would be filled with complete compassion, forgiveness and love for all creation.

So don’t wait to experience the perfect truth that you will never be able to understand, just ask Christ to show you the way. Christ will fill you with profound unending love and compassion and forgiveness so that you may follow his Way, if that is what your heart truly desires.

As you seek to follow his Way, your Father Jesus Christ will reveal every Truth you could ever need and beyond to every unimaginable possibility. He will open the doors of Truth that lead to the insights that led to him living with the most open heart in all the Universe. The Way that made his heart ache with agonising compassion as he hung on that cross. He didn’t feel the nails, but the pain in his heart burned him up with love for everyone. He felt not a shred of hate or anger as they held him down and nailed him through his bones. He looked into their eyes, and ached to see the heart of his brother filled with such agonising pain. No matter what each person there on that day felt, he had perfect compassion for the feelings of each person. He understood why they each were standing there, their hearts aching in so many directions. He did not condemn a single one of them. He understood perfectly why, and in that knowledge could feel nothing but compassion for each one.

If we can take the time to consider, or even discover, why each of us acts as we do, without condemning them, then we too will find an endless need for compassion. When we seek these answers without setting a line to be crossed, we find the Truth. When we set a line that can be crossed, our investigations become an exercise in seeking the point where that line is crossed, so that we can give ourselves permission to condemn that person.

Christ doesn’t have that line. No matter who you are, or what you have done, Christ loves you with a heart aching with compassion and forgiveness for you. Christ is here to fill your heart with a love you have never felt before. Don’t feel jaded by your search through a world of rejection, he is here and he will never leave you. His heart aches for you to feel his love. If you let him show you the Way, you will know his love.

Close your eyes, raise your hands up, ask him to guide your spirit now and when you pass on to the grave. When you have nothing but your soul, will you ask him to take you to the highest place? When you can no longer grasp at a person or book of wisdom, when you stand stripped of all but your heart, your spirit, your soul, will you ask Jesus Christ, your Father, to lead you? He is standing there waiting for you now, and he will wait for infinity for you so that you can experience his love.

Come to him today. Close your eyes and kneel before him. Allow yourself to accept your own death right here, right now. Right now in this very moment is when your life comes to an end. Will you cry out to Jesus? When you have nothing, do you want his mercy to save you and guide you through the mystery that lies beyond this life? There is no need to wait for mortal death, you can cry out to him now. When you stand naked before Christ, with nothing left, asking him to guide your soul, you will discover that his acceptance is more than enough. From that moment you feel that to merely exist as a consciousness in His presence is a gift beyond all comprehension. Yet on this day, yes this very day, he will bless you with air in your lungs and a heart beating in your chest. When you finally rise, you will find you are alive. You offered your life to him, in all sincerity, and yet he wants you to live. he wants you to live so that you may bring his love to Earth. He makes you live so that you may live his Way of love, compassion and forgiveness.

The power in living his Way is the power of God. God lives within you when you live His Way. You don’t need to be strong, God is strong within your heart. God is unstoppable, and so His Way is unstoppable. Fear not! Live bravely with open hearts filled with Christ’s love.

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