Hallelujah! Death is overcome!

I pledge I will never kill myself, God.
From that pledge, I ask You, Jesus Christ, to lead me to Heaven.
I have seen and heard evidence of You, Jesus Christ, and I believe in those evidences,
I believe that You, Jesus Christ, love me.
I believe that You, Jesus Christ, want me.
I believe that You, Jesus Christ, have mercy for me.
I believe that Your heart aches for me, Jesus Christ.
I believe that the day that I die will be our wedding day, when you take my hand and lead me through the darkness that lays before me in the world unseen.

I place my eyes on you, Christ.
Lead me out through this world of pain.
I can feel You before me with arms outstretched ready to take me, God!
You stand before me ready to take me, Jesus!
You lead the way Jesus!
Show me the Way!

I make myself ready for You, Lord!
I ready myself for Your arrival.
I wait for Your imminent arrival!
Whether it is when my body has come to its end, or when the eyes of the world finally see you beyond eyesight!
You live, Jesus!
We Glory in Your embrace!!!
You live Jesus!
You will show me the way, Hallelujah!
Show me the way Jesus!
I need you Jesus!


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