Can You Walk The Simple Path To Truth?

We all want to know the Truth. We want it now, and we want it easily.

Truth is simple, but it is vast and complex. Existing within time means that you must journey through time on your quest to understand Truth, but what you will find will be pure simplicity. Yet to comprehend the vastness of its complexity takes time, and once the simplicity begins to take form before you, you will be unable to package it for direct transmission to another (so that they can bypass the learning process).

The Truth is simple, but it must be earned by each seeker. The seeker can then live with Truth, in all its loving humility.

You will never know the Truth so long as you seek intellectually. Truth is known by your soul, and felt in your heart.

I will tell you, honest seeker, the first vital step in finding Truth. From there, you must make your own way.

You must be totally honest with yourself.

Once you can be completely honest with yourself, you will know what you truly feel and believe. You must cast away all the false beliefs that you hold on to because you feel obligated to. Maybe you have been convincing yourself of things because they seem like a package deal, where you can’t believe one thing without the rest. Maybe you feel that your family needs you to believe something. Maybe you feel that being “intelligent” obligates you to subscribe to certain belief systems.

None of the reasons matter. What matters is that you don’t REALLY believe many things you claim to. This does you no good. It simply places a big barrier to Truth in your way.

Come into your heart, with all humility, and admit to yourself what you really believe. Only you need to know what you really believe, for now. You will find this invigorates you with new joy in life. You will drop a massive burden. You will have freed your mind from the pressure of self-deception. You will only be honest with yourself about your beliefs from now on. That includes all your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. You must be honest with yourself.

From here, dear seeker, you are on your own path to Truth.

I am not asking you to believe the following writing intellectually, but I invite you to explore the Truth of it for yourself:

I believe you are a living spirit that transcends what appears to be a solely physical reality. I believe that God is real. I believe that Christ is your heavenly Father, and that He has been watching you with a loving heart, waiting for the day when you return to Him. I believe that if you seek to know Him, He will make His love known to you. I believe I found Him when I started being totally honest with myself. I first believed that Jesus was an incredible role model from which I deeply desired to sculpt my life. All the beautiful love and compassion that Jesus demonstrated in His earthly life were the perfect mould for me. I wanted to live His way more than anything. He has led me since that day.

Once you are honest with yourself, you can speak to God.

God already knows the Truth. Come before Him with a pure heart, and you may enter into His discipleship.

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