I thought I could save you

I thought I could save you, person of the World, by finding solutions to the worldly problems for you. I thought that your worldly problems could be solved, if only I could dedicate myself to finding the solutions for you. But I was wrong. 

I have discovered that we already have all the answers. Some are hidden from view because they are obscure. Others are hidden because they would cost a lot of people a lot of money. Others threaten the very foundations of belief. 

It’s not the lack of answers or solutions that cause our suffering. It’s the inability to communicate or accept the truths that would liberate us all. 

I dedicated myself to seeking truth, and with each breakthrough I wanted to scream it from the rooftops. Well, I spent so long searching for the answers that I never prepared for the reality that awaited me once I found them.

In my understanding, I now stand alone, trapped inside an invisible bubble of knowledge that prevents me from conveying the vital solutions to the very people I have fought so hard for. I tried, but each word is lost in translation. My search for knowledge has led me so far from my old understandings that my new reality no longer resembles what I once knew. And now the same level of understanding I once held stands before me in the world, and I am unable to enact any solutions that could bring liberation. 

I so desperately wanted to save you, person of the world. I pledged to seek the truth for you, but now I stand alone, unable to give the gifts I have fought so hard to be able to give you. It breaks my heart. Was it even worth it? I can save myself, but that never even mattered. All I wanted was to help save others from suffering, and I thought I could do that by finding the Truth, but I was wrong.

The solution to every problem is already known. There is a solution to all our global crises: food, disease, war, and every misery. No suffering on Earth results from lack of available solutions. We literally have all the answers. 

If people could hear the answers, and understand them, they would be empowered to take the action to implement them. Then peace on Earth would reign for as long as the Truth is free to be heard and understood. 

I wish I could save you. I wish I could heal you. I am only alive because as a child I dedicated myself to finding the solutions to my ill health so that I could save others suffering the same fate. I have the answers now, but I haven’t been able to save them. It is my deepest pain. 

What can I do but commit my pain to God? What can I do but release my ego to the wind, and rest in stillness? What can I do but watch the world turn in all its perfection? 

I am here. I will wait. If I am to go to the grave as I am, leaving this world to discover that which I already had to give, then so it shall be. If I am to be raised up so that my voice is heard, so it shall be. I release my will to the Universal will. I listen to the whispers of Christ. I walk in faith in the infinite wisdom that permeates all creation. I accept my place, as the most delicate blade of grass. I am here for you. I am here for anything. I embrace it all.  

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