He is why I used to love myself

He is why I had love for myself as a child.
He is why I had such confidence in joy as a child.
His love in Heaven is just and perfect, and He loved me.

Then I came to the fallen world.

People could not see me, and they judged me wrongly.
The people of this world, who became lost, assumed wrong intent in my actions.
I came from a pure place of love, but those who surrounded me responded to me with pain.

I was used to the love of the Father in Heaven, where everyone can see with the ‘Sight of Truth’ our Father blesses upon us.
Here in the blinded world, caused by open eyes and closed hearts, we see not the intentions of others, but our own assumptions. Then we act on those assumptions.
How this has caused us so much pain, God!

In Heaven, you showed us Truth, Justice, Love, Peace, and Harmony, all through the light of your infinite wisdom!
You have loved us so much, Jesus!
Praise you, Lord!

You can still show us Your Way, Jesus, even though we cannot see you with our eyes!
I feel Your perfect judgement when I come to You, Jesus!
You judge me fairly and kindly, God!
Your mercy is unfathomable, God! 
You want the best for me, Jesus!

I listen only to your judgements, Jesus.
I listen only to your guidance, Jesus.
I turn from the words of man to Your infinite wisdom, Jesus.
You save me from this world, Jesus!
You fill my heart with love, Jesus!

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