Why You Can’t Stay Present

We hide from the present moment because we don’t want to face the gaze of God.

We don’t want to face the Truth in all its majesty. 

But if we can take the chance to be bold, and face His gaze today, we will not only find God, but also this moment in life, in all its power and glory. All the troubles that surround us, in  the sea around us, all disappear into the golden glow of God’s love, becoming a distant memory only recalled when we turn back to it. 

Christ’s profound healing of our hearts lifts weights from us we didn’t know we were carrying. Christ Jesus pulls daggers from our heart, melts boulders from our soul, lifts shields that have blocked our connection with Him.

He loves us so much. He is tender. He is gentle. He is merciful. He loves His children. He delights in our gentle blossoming. He delights in our tender hearts. He delights in our kindness. 

Run from fear! Run from hate! Run from judgement! Run from anger! Run towards His gracious tender compassion! He showed us the Way, and we find infinite refuge in following His way. 

Shut out the stories of His wrath and judgement, you don’t need them. 

Come to Him with the tender open heart He blessed us each with. Ask Him to lift all that prevents you from receiving His love. Ask Him to remove the shields that you have built out of fear and pain, so that you can once again feel His love entering your heart. His love will purify your heart and wash you clean of pain and resentments. The gentle lamb took the place on the cross with tender submission and a heart full of compassion for us all. The most gentle, He showed us perfect love. Such a tender love, His body with no resistances, dedicated to nothing but peace and love to the very end. His image hung on the cross, His death so unjustified, our hearts ache with love for Him. 

Thank you Jesus, for showing us the Way. We take up Your cross. We will live as You. Gentle and tender of heart. Giving of endless compassion.

Show me how, every step. Jesus, please take my hand and lead the Way for me. I want to be as You, a great being of compassionate love, crowned by Your love. The Way is so narrow, yet it fills my heart in ways indescribable. I ache with Your love, Jesus! How full is your heart! Lift my burdens, Jesus, so that I may carry Your cross with Your love pouring forth from my heart. 

Thank you, Jesus. 
Thank you for lighting the way for me. 
Thank you for filling my heart with love. 
Thank you for giving me boundless joy. 
Hallelujah, Lord! Your love is great! 

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