The Welcome Party

It is no longer my burden to heal this world and all of its pain. In releasing my responsibility to save everyone, I no longer have to worry about whether you, Jesus, are coming back in physical form, because I know You are coming to take my soul to Heaven when I die. You know the love I have for all life. You know that I desire for every living soul to be at peace. I commend this responsibility to You, the highest on high, for Your wisdom is truly transcendent.

When I accept that You, Christ, are waiting to embrace me, whether my death be now or later, I cannot help but celebrate Your imminent arrival! I have all my attention on You now, Jesus! My whole heart wants to celebrate Your coming! I want to celebrate Your Love, Your Compassion, Your Mercy, Your Forgiveness, the joy You pour into my heart! I will celebrate your arrival in all the best ways that I can, Jesus!

I live with a heart filled with your love! I feel myself amongst the cherubim and angels singing your praises! Our celebration of You never tires! Our love for You out-pours with endless joy! We never tire of marvelling at Your glory! Celebrating You invigorates our hearts and fills our souls with life!

Let me celebrate You! So begins Your welcome party, Jesus! May I begin the celebrations! I celebrate your imminent arrival in my life, Jesus!

Hallelujah! I join the choir that welcomes You! Hallelujah!

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