World Peace: The Easy Way

We all want a better world, don’t we? We would all like world peace? How do we do that, without causing more pain and problems through trying to force others to change?

In a time of quiet meditation, I reflected on nature. If you know about permaculture, you will know the philosophy encourages gardeners to create symbiotic relationships between plants, the soil, insects and animals, in order to create a self-sustaining abundance. In my moment of meditation, it hit me:

Trees don’t worry about trees on the other side of the planet, or even on the other side of the forest. Each tree works in harmony with the life within its immediate reach. Each tree creates a mutually-beneficial symbiosis with the life in its immediate vicinity. Roots of the tree work in harmony with mushroom mycelium, and then insects move nutrients through the soil, which were deposited by animals above. Through the nurturing of their immediate environment, the whole forest becomes abundantly thriving with life!

Therefore, to create peace on Earth, I believe we must all copy nature by taking care of our immediate environment. This means we must literally love our neighbours! As we build strong relationships and alliances with those we directly connect with every day, those who seek to divide and destroy us cannot succeed. So we don’t need politicians to solve anything for us any more, we just need to go forth and love those we most depend on.

Each circle of love and care will overlap with every other circle of love and care until the world is wrapped in a beautiful lattice of love, just like the Flower of Life!

Release your global distractions. Love those who are nearest and change the world!

Flower of Life in the forest

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