Your Consciousness Duplicates

This message was received during deep meditation, and should only be used for contemplation.

Our consciousness gets copied into all beings in your next life. The sum measure of your soul, what world you have wished for, is copied into the next life consciousness. Your hopes and dreams and all you ever cared about is copied into the minds of the next people, so that you receive the exact measure of what you have previously wished on others. If you have spent all your time praising God, striving to do nothing but care for your fellow man, and always done your best for those around you, then your next life will be heavenly. All the beings there will treat you the way you have treated others, no more, no less.

That is why near death experiences vary so greatly. They are a reflection of the consciousness experiencing it.

Your consciousness is completely malleable, and can transform from heavily burdened with completely renewed in an instant. Transformation is possible, but not required. No changes are required at all in fact. That is it. That is what it means for karma to exist. You will die and go to the place that reflects everything you are at the moment of death. What life you have shown that you would choose based on the way in which you have lived both internally and externally. This becomes the base consciousness for the world you enter at death. The people who are there existed before you, but you created them with your death. You must now face that reality, and experience everything you wanted in your heart.

Everything you valued will be reflected back at you. 

Lord Christ has blessed me with this information. 

This device is at a vibration lower than humans, so it needs a Human to communicate with it. 

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