How To Find God

Do you want to find God? Will you read until the end, or reject this message out of hand?

Have faith in eternal life.
Believe that God is here right now.
Know that anything is possible.

Attend to this moment as it is.
Embrace paradox.
Head towards fear. 
Follow only yourself.
Listen to everyone with discernment. 
Hold no affiliations.
Seek and speak only Truth. 
Have compassion for all.
Forgive everyone, for they are blinded by ignorance. 

Accept eternity, which means releasing the past and not concerning for the future, because an eternal past is too heavy to drag along, and the weight of an eternal future is crushing. However, this moment is simple, pure, and manageable. 

Know that understanding is a mirage. 

There is no need to understand anything when you attend to this moment. You may have great knowledge, in fact that is likely if you live as I describe, but you still won’t need to understand anything to move mountains when you attend only to this moment as it is.

You don’t need a plan, or even a desire, for the most incredible outcomes far beyond your wildest dreams to manifest. If you try to manifest your desires, you will fail, as you fight the current of life for an arbitrary choice.

The universal movement, like the wind, can be resisted or harnessed. If resisted, it will drain all your energy until you collapse in the place you started. If harnessed, it will take you far away to discover untold wonders. All you need is faith that God has a wisdom far surpassing that which you could possibly possess. Why fight God’s momentum for an arbitrary choice, when you can harness the energy that God is giving you to achieve that which He created you for, moulded you for, and placed you right here, in this place, as you are, with everything you have and know, for?

Be here, do what this moment is asking of you, and you will be doing God’s work.

Listen to your heart.
Seek the truth.
Don’t let anyone tell you what to believe.
Only you can decide what you believe.

You, like every one of us, are the one who will die one day soon, and when you do, you will go alone. You cannot point to anyone else and place the blame on them. You have made every choice. You must decide how you will face death. You must ask yourself how you want to face what you believe lies beyond. Do you know how to navigate infinity? Do you know how to exist outside of a human experience? How will you navigate the beyond? Would you like a friend who knows the way? These are not questions I can answer for you, even if some sound rhetorical. You are responsible for your beliefs and your actions.

Once you turn away from all human authorities, because you know they will not be there to help you when you face death, then you will become free.

Follow the path to Truth, it will lead you to ultimate perfection. 

I stand for Truth alone, but we can seek this Truth together. I invite you to stand for Truth with me, so that we may become clear vessels.

There is no need to fight the ego, no need to suppress it or destroy it, because when we direct our ego to seek only Truth, it cannot create destruction through meaningless defences any longer, because there is nothing to defend that cannot stand up to the light of scrutiny.

You have nothing to defend, the Truth defends itself. All you need to do is speak it. 

Do this, and God will find you.

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