Suffering of the Innocent

Who is the kindest, gentlest, wisest person you know?
Imagine that person.
What do they deserve?
A lovely letter of thanks?
A celebration with gifts and a wonderful party?
All the blessings and rewards in life?
How about torture and a violent death!?

That’s what happened to the most beautiful person who ever lived.

Jesus was the kindest, gentlest, wisest, most selfless, forgiving, gracious, humble and loving person who ever lived. Yet He was tortured and crucified. His treatment was no reflection of His worth. This unfortunately still happens to beautiful people every day. The blackness of people’s heart causes them to act on hateful assumptions and beliefs, leading them to harm innocent people in the most unjust ways. We know it well.

With this empathy, I stand looking up at Jesus Christ hanging on the cross. The greatest injustice in history. A person of pure love and compassion, tortured and crucified.

I can’t allow His legacy of peace to be destroyed by ignorance and hate. They may kill Jesus, but they can’t kill His message of compassion and absolute love.

I take up His cross. I shall become a living testament to His Way. What better role model could there be? What better purpose could I have? They killed Jesus, and created the body of Christ. Each of us who believe in the Christ become vessels for His love.

I keep my eyes on Your love, Your humility, Your gentle heart, Your tenderness. You lived in total submission to God’s will, and I shall do the same. I will align myself to God’s plan, whenever it leads me. I turn to you, Christ, and I dwell in the sphere of Your love. I shall love You, appreciate You, wonder at You, celebrate You, welcome You, and share You with the world.

I am a part of your choir of angels. I sing your praises, and I will never tire. Hallelujah!

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