Christ Is Returning To You

This message came to me during deep meditative prayer.

God has heard your prayers. He has heard your prayers to save others. You are not afraid for yourself, but for those around you, even for those you do not know and those who hate you. You chose the way of Christ before you had faith in him, and without your knowing you have prayed for your desires with your thoughts.

Christ is returning to each of you who have chosen His Way. He is here now for us. He is ready to show us the way. He is waiting for us to allow the will of Christ, that we all carry in our hearts, to become manifest. Simply call on Him, He is ready to receive you. We are all going to join together in love for our fellow man, because we chose the way of Christ in our hearts. Christ has already returned. Now His work to transform your reality will become more manifest. Although the most powerful choice of choosing way of Christ in your heart has already become manifest, what you call reality is about transformed in ways you cannot imagine. Remember that evil is deception and hidden things, and that all things that exist in the light of truth are from Christ. 

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