We Are Celebrants Of Christ

We celebrate His Life, His Sacrifice, His Way, His Love, His Grace, His Compassion, His Mercy, His Gentle Heart, His Tenderness, His Wisdom, His Everything.

We celebrate His imminent return to each of us, both at the end of our lives and in this moment, from the unseen realm of spirit.

Our main worship practice is celebration, of both His wondrousness and His imminent loving embrace.

Music, singing, dance, and meditative prayer is how we celebrate, for as many waking hours as possible. We dedicate significant time to closed eye communion with His spirit, which exists in a timeless spaceless connection with us in our current place in time and space (i.e. He is literally here with us in our “physical” space right now in the unseen realm that is perceptible with our heart and soul’s intuition).

I dedicate my life to celebrating you, Jesus Christ!

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