You Cannot Understand The Meaning

We imbue words with their meaning. Each word has the potential for different meaning, and when strung together they create a sense of meaning that is unique in each mind. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to communicate your intended meaning to another person.

This is why spiritual insights are so simple in words, but feel so profound when they are understood on a new level. No matter how deep the understanding, the statement remains unchanged. For example:

God’s love is infinite.

I will do my best to convey what this means to me, at least partially.

Everything God does for us is out of love. We are God’s children. God won’t abandon any of their children. God won’t actually condemn anyone to hell for eternity, even if God gives a soul an experience of Hell that feels like it will last for eternity.

God is actually serving us the way a parent serves a newborn baby.

The acceptance of this is truly humbling. We try so hard to serve God, but if we believe that God thinks everything about us is disgusting, sinful, and shameful, it is very hard to love and serve that God. However, when we can get over our fear of being loved by God, accept that we are perfect in God’s eyes, and that everything in our lives is done for us by God, we can experience a love so humbling that every tiny thing in our lives becomes infinitely valuable. Suddenly we appreciate everything, and feel that our blessings from God are so abundant that they are overflowing. From that it becomes natural to “serve” God, because we want to love, appreciate, and care for everything that God gives us.

Prayer and worship that comes from obligation doesn’t feel the same, as good and pure, as the natural worship that manifests from true appreciation of everything God gives in love.

God forged the elements of the Earth to give you a spoon to eat the food that God raised from the ground for you. Every fibre that clothes you, God grew for you. Every piece of wood that forms your house, God grew for you. Every tiny thing, God did for you, because God loves you so much. God cares about YOU.

God’s love is so infinite that it transcends anything we could do. How could we be so powerful that we could cause God to become angry or hate us?

God’s love for their creation is so transcendent that nothing we could ever do will ever stop God loving us. God has made it safe for us. We are God’s children! God won’t put their creation in harm’s way. We are all safe in God’s love. It doesn’t matter what, we are safe. It is all for us. 

(Please read this next part as relating to yourself):

And specifically, it is all for ME. God loves ME. ME! I am not a worthless piece of garbage. God made everything for ME. Every little thing, my parent, God, placed there for ME. God loves ME so much that God brought the Earth to life to sustain and nurture ME. ME! Actually ME! God actually cares about ME! Not just everyone else, while I stand outside in the cold. God wove the fabric of the universe together for ME!

True humility is accepting that God serves ME. Not as a slave serves a master, but as a parent serves their newborn baby. With utter love, devotion and care.

What could be more humbling than the realisation that God serves us?

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