Wealthy & Powerful People, We’re Angry!

Wealthy and powerful people of the world. I am here to say that we are angry with you. We are very angry that you have used your power and wealth in ways that have hurt us. We are so angry that you have killed so many of us, that you hate us so much that you conspire to kill more of us tomorrow. We feel pain and a powerless feeling when we see you act that way.

You have been very clever to use your wealth in ways that shield you from revealing that you are the source of our pain, but today we see the light in Jesus Christ’s Holy name. Jesus has revealed you to us so that we may see who has so enslaved us, and we have been angry, Lord.

We have been so angry with you, God, for abandoning us, but our Lord God and Jesus Christ never abandoned us. We have created Hell ourselves by our condemnation of others. We cast away those who harm us as bad and evil and wrong, and then condemned them to walk outside society as hated pariahs, yet we flinch when we are blocked from the simplest of life’s pleasures? It was us who started this. When we looked at our brother who hurt us and instead of giving them compassion we condemned them. We saw that grown child lash out in anger, and instead of seeking to find the source of the pain that caused our brother’s anger, we condemned him to pain, and misery and death, whether in the physical world or in our hearts.

We have brought this world on ourselves brothers and sisters. When we made ourselves the victim of the expression of our brother’s pain. When we felt a pity for ourselves at the hands of our brother’s actions. So I ask you brothers and sisters, can we not stop this war with our fellow man? When someone seeks to harm us, can our first thought be what has harmed them so deeply that it makes them feel so much incomprehensible pain that they feels justified in taking these despicable acts against us? What searing pain must these diabolical maniacs feel in their hearts to desire such atrocious outcomes? That they feel so much hatred for humanity is a sickness.

How did they come to hate humanity so much, that the expression of their pain is global genocide? It was our fault. We condemned them. In all ways that separate us from them, we created it through our condemnation of them. We must stand together in unity for one humanity, together, for each of our highest goals, as God wills for us.

God will lead us to Heaven if we so choose, and Christ is ready to lead his children home. Ask him what to do and He will lead us all home to glory. We are called by Christ to stop the war. There are no more enemies, only our brothers and sisters who need our help. Show Christ you believe in forgiveness. Show that you want to be raised up in Christ out of suffering, knowing you have sinned in ways that Christ showed you not to, while looking down on your brother who writhed in a tormenting Hell so agonising that the expression of it is genocidal rage.

We have had it backwards. We have blocked these wealthy and powerful people from human society, cast them out, claiming their acts are unforgivable. We have told them that their names will be dirt and they are deserving of death. How can these people escape this prison, dear children, if we do not extend the chance for compassion and forgiveness to these most evil of tyrants? Without chance of forgiveness they will forever only have those who have been similarly cast aside to associate with, and they are all angry. Angry, rejected people cast aside from the brotherhood of humanity forever, what other choice do they have? You don’t want them, so why should they want you? You all wish these tyrants dead and they know it, so why would they want to keep you around?

The end of this war comes when you see the pain these banished humans feel and pray for Jesus Christ, our Father, to lead the way home to peace and glory. He will show us how to welcome them back into our human race. Therefore, let me be the first of many to say that anyone who has aided any sufferings upon another, they are forgiven by me. I invite them to humble themselves with truth before humanity, and renounce their worldly power and wealth so as to be freed from worldly responsibilities. Anyone who can stand before humanity and take responsibility for the pain and suffering they have brought on the people, and then step down from their power and wealth so that they can experience the profound love of Christ through all of humanity’s forgiveness, is a someone worthy of our forgiveness. I therefore extend my forgiveness to those who do evil, but especially to those who do the most evil, for they are in so deep a Hell that they are blind to the love of Christ Jesus.

Let us ask Christ to show us the way of compassion and forgiveness for those who trespass against us, and through our compassion raise up those who suffer, as we hope our Father raise us up. For he looks upon us as sinners, as we look upon those we condemn, but He wants us to show us the way home; all we have to do is listen to our hearts.

Speak your inner dialogue with Christ, not your self, and you will discover that He is there for you. He will show you the way, and peace will cover the Earth.

Amen in the name of Christ Jesus, Amen. 

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