How to have empathy for your enemies

What a title! Is such a thing possible? How could you have empathy for your enemies? Let’s start with their mental suffering. They are in a state of anger, hate, judgement, self-righteousness, bitterness, selfishness, and ignorance. Those are all horrible mental states to be in. Anyone living in those states is unhappy. Even though they have used their suffering as a weapon to hurt you, or even destroy your life as you knew it, they have derived no joy from that.

They may have a short-lived sense of sick satisfaction, or schadenfreude, but those feelings are not nourishing to their hearts.

To really contemplate their lived reality is to find empathy. Even the billionaires of the world, many of which have twisted and terrifying faces formed by years of hate and bitterness, are deserving of our prayers. They are surrounded by infinite luxuries, the power to end world hunger, solve global environmental crises, treat millions of people’s diseases, and spread a joy that would echo throughout history, yet their twisted hearts are so agonisingly painful that they choose to bomb the innocent, poison the oceans, and starve their fellow humans to death.

What misery it must be to be a billionaire! My heart truly aches for their pain.

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With the knowledge that life continues after death, and may well contain a very painful life review where you will judge yourself honestly without any ego defences to protect you from the Truth, we can begin to have empathy for our worst enemies. Think of the dictators and globally powerful figures; they have caused horrific suffering on millions, if not billions, of people through their actions. They are going to be spiritually crushed under the weight of the suffering they will experience during their life review. They will be as exposed and vulnerable as a baby when they stand before God as He asks them why they made each diabolical choice. Why did you choose to poison millions of people for money? Why did you choose to starve millions to death for power? God may even show the dictator every person’s painful story, one by one.

They will stand before God, experiencing all the suffering each person endured as a result of their heartless and selfish actions.

So it is with the enemies in your personal life. Your father who beat you will experience all the agony you felt, and be asked to justify it to God. Your co-worker who destroyed your career to get ahead will see you weeping as blood pours from the razor cuts on your wrists. The doctor who cast you out as a liar will see you twisting in agony for year upon year, wailing in hopeless isolation.

Their souls are destined to experience an agonising burden.

This is not something to rejoice in, it is something to fall on your knees in empathetic prayer for. These souls are lost, hurting right now, and destined to hurt into eternity until they choose to change. No one can help them, no one can change them, and no one can awaken them but themselves. They must hurt, and then hurt some more, until they can see the way towards the light of freedom and peace.

If this doesn’t give you the ache of empathy in your heart, then you will experience more pain in your life until you do.

May God bless and keep you until you turn towards His loving glory.

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