To the men who destroyed my life

Instead of sending this in a private email, where it would likely fall on deaf ears, I have chosen to share it publicly. I contemplated whether or not to publish it from the perspective of “do unto others you would have them do unto you”. I decided that, given the intention of this letter is to show that I have overcome my hatred for these people, I would be OK with such a letter being published by them about me.

Dear company owners,

I am writing to you to reconcile any bad feelings between us, although I understand that you may not have known they existed.

I dedicated 7 years of my life to building a family business with my Mother and [Mr Redacted], and I endured some of the worst hardships imaginable to make it a success, including prostituting myself to survive when [Mr Redacted] would not pay me for my work. I did these things to make the company a success, with the deepest love for my family, my country, and our planet in my heart.

So when it announced to me that you had purchased half the company without [Mr Redacted] discussing it with me, I was deeply hurt and shocked. My world was turned upside down as [Mr Redacted] seemingly lost all memory of my sacrifices and hard work immediately after signing off on the deal, which made him 50/50 owner with you. When I spoke to [Mr Redacted] about it, he was indignant that I believed I deserved any say or share in the company. In fact, [Mr Redacted] appeared to sincerely believe I had no part in the success of the company, and thus genuinely believed I deserved no part of it. This was only the beginning though, as [Mr Redacted] then hired his family members to work for him, in my house, while he lived a great distance away. I was supposed to train them, but I was also told I had no authority to instruct them. These family members immediately turned on me with a tsunami of lies and false accusations that drowned me in sorrow and confusion, before sweeping away everything I had without mercy.

I was left with nothing.

Much time passed, then months of heated discussions ensued where I tried everything I could to reason with [Mr Redacted]. Eventually, he finally conceded to give me a small piece of the pie, but it was now too late. Soon after, I began discussions with you about selling my little pie piece, given I no longer had the life-long career I had envisioned laid out before me. All I could hope for now was some money to start a new life, but as we both know, that was not to be.

Throughout this time, I grew to hate you both.

While I had strong feelings towards [Mr Redacted] stemming from the immense betrayal, I also had hateful feelings towards you. Why? I hated that you never took the time to get to know me, that you had no interest in what I had done for the company or my vision for a vibrant and successful future. I was angry that you never knew how hard I always fought to keep costs low, to keep staff to a minimum through implementing automation, and my passion for creating an amazing workplace full of joyful and happy people. It broke my heart that behind the scenes you heard so much gossip of lies, and that you conspired in secret to destroy all of the computer systems I had implemented for no logical reason, because you were unaware of the reality of who I was, what I did and what potential I had to offer. I was angry that you adamantly refused to invest in any marketing when I had shown you hard evidence that every dollar spent returned on investment. Even after I lost everything, each message I sent you replied to with lies, which left me feeling that there was no way to know what your true intentions are, or honestly ever were.

The overwhelming, powerless, directionless rage tore me to shreds, and I was losing all hope.

So I was left to live in an empty rotting shack, with nothing but [partner], my dogs and cat. Back at square one. Penniless. My heart broken by the total betrayal of everyone in my life, while I had done none of the things I was accused of. Yet, there was a glimmer of hope on my horizon. I still had a shred of faith that had led me to this place, so I couldn’t fold over and die just yet.

With trepidation, I discovered that my new neighbours were kind people who wanted a friendship with me. I slowly started to discover that there were people who could actually see me for who I am. Through these kind encounters I started to believe in myself, and my goodness and kindness, again. I slowly started to believe that I do deserve to live, and that I am not all the despicable things people had labelled me as. So I prayed, and I meditated, and I prayed some more. I waited patiently with faith until Christ finally came to me. And come to me He did.

What a beautiful blessing it is to be reborn in Christ.

Now I am so thankful for my agonising journey through Hell, because I am so incredibly happy in my life now. I feel abundantly blessed by riches beyond belief. God has shown me that I am deeply loved by Him. In fact, God has shown me that He loves everyone with a profound love so transcendent that it swells my heart until tears flow from my eyes. And none of this would have happened if you had not come into my life.

So I am sending you this message with great thanks. Thank you for all the pain and suffering you wrought on my life and heart. Thank you so much for all you did. I know that you are not bad people, and I know that you probably did not intend to inflict such deep suffering on me, but that is moot. I am thankful for it all. You can do what you want with the company. If you want to watch it die, then so be it. It doesn’t matter to me. I am free. I have the love of God in my heart, and no amount of money could ever buy such a blessing, nor take it from me.

Thank you for it all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am free.

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