How to relieve shame

Jesus’ voice is the voice of your conscience.

Your conscience is the voice that tells you what is right. As such, there is not a shred of anger in true testimony. It is pure in its perfection, and withstands all investigation. When you stand and speak honest words with no agenda, then you are speaking the words of the Lord.

No anger. No hate. Just true, honest, caring words. These are the words of Christ.

In this way, we can also know how to speak with Christ. When your death comes and you stand before Christ, you will know that He has perfect knowledge of your past and present self. Most people find this thought to be terrifying because they have so much shame. Yet delaying this conversation does nothing to resolve this fear of the impending future. We are like little children sneaking cookies from the cookie jar; our heavenly Father sees all.

Why wait for death to have an honest conversation with Christ?

We can have this honest conversation today! We can go to Christ right now. We can kneel before Him and pour out our honest truth, sharing all our fear and shame with Him. In this outpouring of honest truth, we can face our fear of death through the knowledge that God can end our lives right now in judgement of our souls. By testifying our absolute truth, we sacrifice our lives to the mercy of Christ. We can declare to Jesus, right now, “This is what I am hiding. This is what I have been afraid of.” When we do this, we are speaking to Christ. So get down on your knees and declare:

Prayer of testimony

I testify today that I _________________ and I have been so afraid to tell you that. As I share this with you, I feel like a part of me is dying, but I know deep down that I will have to testify this truth to you one day, so I choose today. I choose today to testify to you, Christ Jesus. I know I am still a coward, afraid to speak my whole truth, but today I choose to take this terrifying step. I am testifying my truth to you, Christ Jesus, because that is what You want me to do. I choose to testify the honest truth which burdens me with shame, and I accept Your perfect judgement in return. I fall at Your feet and beg for Your mercy, oh infinite Lord. I want nothing more than to be in Your righteous presence, and I desire to be more like You with all my heart. Please forgive me for my sins., for I am weak, and You are mighty. Hallelujah Lord, You are almighty.

I hope this prayer helps you to experience the love of Christ in your heart, because His love and mercy is infinite.

Live your honest truth today. Testify to Jesus Christ.

Need suggestions for what to tell Christ? Share times when you have lied, stolen, cheated, or been violent, selfish, hateful, jealous. Tell Him about abusing your body, or indulging in degrading sexual practices. Anything you would prefer no one knows, anything you feel shame about, tell Jesus. He already knows, but He wants you to come to Him and share your feelings about it with Him. He wants you to cast your burdens on Him, He wants you to be freed from shame. He wants to lead you to lead a joyful life with a pure heart. You will feel His love in your heart. It’s not mental, it’s visceral.

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