The Hidden Secret of Hell Near Death Experiences

You may think that near-death experiences of Hell are purely a lesson in fear, to terrify you into never sinning again. However, there is a deeper Truth that Jesus wants you to know, because it can change your life.

What is a Hell NDE?

First, I would like to establish what a Hell near-death experience (NDE) is. During an NDE of Hell, people typically experience falling down into a place of darkness until they hit the ground. There they often report a feeling burning heat that caused excruciating pain, and witnessing demonic entities torturing them and/or other people. They almost all report a sense that this experience will be eternal, and there is a feeling of total separation from God. This Hell experience then lasts until they cry out to Jesus Christ to save them. When they cry out, often the demons react with anger and violence to silence them. Yet, in all His miraculous mercy, when they cry out to Jesus, He does indeed come and save them from Hell.

Hell NDE’s are not just a cautionary tale.

There are two key lessons to take from these experiences:

  1. How the person in Hell dealt with their predicament. They cried out to Jesus. They put all their focus on Him, and He did not fail them.
  2. Hell seemed eternal, yet Jesus could still rescue them. Thus, the idea that Hell is eternal is only an illusion that is true for those that believe it.

Let’s explore these two ideas further:

How to escape Hell

The way that each person escapes Hell was through faith in Jesus Christ. They do not escape by fighting the demons, or befriending them, or negotiating with them, or manipulating them. They do not escape by joining up with the other sufferers in Hell, by banding together with them to change Hell or overthrow the powers in Hell. They put their Faith in Jesus, and they are saved out of eternal Hell, out of eternal separation from God, out of eternal suffering. Only by turning wholeheartedly to Jesus, foregoing their own efforts to fix the situation, are they saved.

Eternity means two different things.

The experience of eternity in Hell is shown to be transcendable when Jesus lifts a soul out of Hell after they cry out to Him. When that happens, the experience of an eternity separated from God is replaced by an eternity in relationship with God. Another way to say that; the separation from God experienced in Hell appeared to be infinite, but God saves the soul from Hell with an eternal loving relationship. Time in Hell is endless, Time in Heaven is non-existent. So although an experience of either Hell or Heaven can be described as “eternity”, the quality of those eternities are completely different.

The greater the perceived distance from God, the greater perceived span of time.

When the total separation from God is experienced during the Hell NDE, the time between the present moment and being reunited with God seems endless or infinite. When God is holding the rescued soul, time becomes non-existent. Thus time as we experience it is a reflection of our separation from God. To be saved means stepping into a realm free from time, forever.

How this changes our lives

The miracle is that Jesus has been teaching us with metaphors all along. Jesus has shown us Hell, the epitome of suffering and separation from God, and showed us that through faith in Him we will be saved. This can be applied to our reality, right now! We are already existing in a level of Hell. We know this because there is pain and suffering and torment happening here. When we try to fight to fix any of these problems, it always fails to bring peace on Earth because of human weaknesses. We may even feel the eyes of the World on us when we sing the praises of the God of Love, just as the Hell demons react to the Lord’s name. Jesus has shown us the way out of Hell:

When you trust that Jesus will show you the way, through an individual relationship with Him, Jesus will save you from the Hell you dwell in, and save you from death.

How does Jesus save us from Death?

It seems that Jesus can’t possibly save a living person from death. However, this is exactly what happens. The Truth is that Jesus is alive right now, Living in eternal glory. You are also an eternal spirit, but living in a human body. Therefore, when you cry out to Jesus to save you, He will come to you in spirit and connect you with His profound Love. He will create an infinite, timeless connection between Himself and your soul. You will then begin the spiritual relationship with Jesus that you had been waiting for death to experience. Through this relationship, you will begin to transcend the experience of time, because everything you were on your endless search for has now come to you in Jesus Christ. So now, even though you know that one day your body will cease to function, you are not too bothered, because you already have the assurance that Jesus is right here with you. Now all you need to do is keep loving Him and living for Him. He has kept you alive on Earth to live for Him until the day He releases you from your earthly body in Love. He wants to see you bring His Love to all those who are still living in this realm of Hell, hurting and suffering in ignorance. He will guide you in how to do that when you don’t take your focus off His Love.

Praise Jesus for this beautiful insight into the nature of time. We praise You, oh Holy God!

The ideas in this article will each be explored in greater detail in future articles, so please follow to get notified when they are posted.

I welcome you to listen to this song. Please close your eyes, raise your palms to Heaven and sing along.

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