Why I sing gospel in the streets

Short answer: Jesus lives and I want to sing to Him. I want to show anyone without a relationship with Jesus Christ just how passionate our Love is for each other. As an atheist I never heard powerful gospel songs, and I didn’t know people loved Jesus with a real passionate faith. I want to give atheists a chance to see how it looks and sounds to hear the Love of our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ!

Long answer: I have always loved singing. I’ve spent many years practicing, but pursuing a singing career meant living a life competing for attention. All I wanted to do was share the joy of beautiful singing, but that’s not how the entertainment business works. So I chose intellectual pursuits instead. In my spare time I studied atheist debates on YouTube. I can say I completely understand the intellectual reasons against many Christian beliefs and reasons for faith. The trouble is the atheist arguments don’t prove that God and Jesus can’t exist. Whereas thousands of near-death experiencers can testify to meeting God and/or Jesus Christ in a reality “more real than this life”. People of all backgrounds have met Jesus Christ in spirit through near-death experiences. I have also encountered the spirit of Jesus Christ myself during intense prayer, and I feel His love when I worship His glory with music.

Since I began to believe in Jesus, I have slowly come to experience Him more and more. The most powerful way for me to feel His love, and to express my love for Him, is through singing songs of praise to Him. I can feel my soul filling with love in ways I have never experienced through any other spiritual practice. Jesus answers my every honest question as long as I am open to receive the honest Truth. He shows me how easy it is to bring infinite joy, peace, love and kindness into our lives. We just have to desire it, and then ask Jesus to show us His Way.

All you need is a desire for Jesus to show you His Way.

Before I believed in Jesus Christ, I had no idea there were people who passionately loved Him. I didn’t realise there were people who actually felt the Love of Jesus, because I didn’t realise that Jesus is literally right here in spirit, right now. Jesus lives, and He lives right here, right now.

I didn’t consider it was possible for all we have been promised in Jesus Christ to be true. As an atheist I didn’t think it was even worth my time to explore a relationship with Christ. How ignorant I was! How sad it is that I thought I knew it all.

I eventually turned to Christ because I wanted to be like Him.

I then spent much time pondering the person who Jesus must have been to be able to live that Way. Then, in my darkest and most fearful moment, I sang the Lord’s prayer with the deepest sincerity. I felt the fear of God come over me, and I went through an intense dialogue in which I bore my soul as honestly as I possibly could, and spoke to God with total sincerity. I offered up my life as a sacrifice right there and then if it meant good things would come from it, and Jesus came and saved me. To be saved is a vastly complex and nuanced experience that you understand with your saviour Jesus Christ. He saves you just as you need to be saved. It’s between you both.

There He was. Just to be in His presence was enough.

Despite telling Jesus to take my life now, in all sincerity, I found I was still alive. I was saved by Jesus. What can I do now, but celebrate our coming reunion? We will be together any day now! Until that day comes, Jesus wants me to spread His message of redemption and Love until the day He welcomes me home. I feel like I’m starting to understand everything from a whole new perspective based on the deepest Love. The compassion and forgiveness of Christ is growing in me.

Jesus lives, and He is everything we were told. He pours forth as infinite Love. He took my soul and promised me Heaven. He is all I want to be, and He loves me! How can I not sing His praises from Heaven! How can I feel the Love of Jesus and not want to share it with you? 

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