Pondering God’s Perspective

I don’t think it is possible for me to understand the mind of God, To know God would be to know the extent of God’s totality. If I were able to say for sure that I knew of everything down the minutest detail, then I would know the totality. If I knew the totality, then I would be the only “thing” outside of the totality. The only “thing” capable of being outside of the totality is by definition the creator God. Thus I, the writer of this text, understand that I cannot know the mind of God in totality, nor do I want to pretend that I do.

With that said, I have found that when I ponder what God would think, or what Jesus would think, in any given situation, it greatly helps me to understand the situation. An atheist may perceive the benefits of this kind of thinking as simply being a way to access “your best self”. If it indeed does so, then I believe it is still of value, especially in a world in which psychiatric drugs are routinely administered to elevate mood. I personally believe that there is a spirit of Christ that manifested as Jesus on Earth, and there is a God that is somehow transcendent of all this totality.

However, I honestly don’t understand how anything works. I just follow the inner voice that guides me, and I keep things in check through my ever evolving discernment. As such, I spend much time engaging with inner discursive morality puzzles and theoretical scenarios.

Through this way of engaging with life I have insights that are new and exciting for me many times throughout the day.

At this present time, I believe people who say they have met Jesus or God during a temporary death experience. I believe that there is sufficient evidence try faith in Jesus and believing in God, even if you are not committing to eternal faith from the outset. I have been experiencing profound feelings since I started having faith in Jesus. I trust that if He is the Truth, then He will indeed endure forever.

When I talk about belief, I really mean belief. As in, actually believing something to be true. You can’t pretend to believe, because that’s not belief. You can’t intellectually conclude something is the most logical option and call that belief. You must believe it like you believe that you exist. How do you get there? You need to find a God that you can truly believe in! Who would your God REALLY be? Who would you REALLY worship? If you actually think about it, you will find this God makes sense. If you have allegiance to the Truth, you will find the Truth of God. You will find a God that can be rightfully be called the Truth with a capital T.

God is everything that God should be.

Truth always leads towards compassion and forgiveness. When the totality is known, perfect Love springs from perfection Compassion and perfect Forgiveness.

To return to the title of the article, when you ask yourself what would God think or do, while you don’t know for sure, you will be a lot closer to it than using any other measures. If your personal God is everything that you worship and adore, then you will be happy to live in the way God wants you to. Really think about how much God absolutely loves you, God’s creation. Really think about the possibility that God, the being that is everything you worship, absolutely loves you right now as you are! This incredible being of endless strength, compassion, forgiveness, pure love, kindness, restraint, mercy, joy, passion, humility, wisdom, and everything else that you would admire in the greatest souls, without the darkness of hate, anger, rage, pain, torture, suffering, or any other derivitive of selfishness, LOVES YOU! And they exist! What a miracle it is that God only wants the best for you! God and Jesus Christ have appeared to atheists during temporary death experiences. Asking yourself how THIS God would think about ANYTHING can only lead to outcomes that lead to your highest good.

It is not possible for me to make you believe. Belief must be embraced as a way to test the Truth. If something is true, then you can trust it with 100% faith, the way you trust the ground to bear your weight. When faith shows something is not true, celebrate the revelation of the new Truth. God and Jesus are what they are and always will be. The Truth stands eternal. If you have faith that they exist, you will soon know more of the Truth. The infinite Truth of all existence. The totality unsummisable. Each piece a reflection of the whole. Truth reveals Truth. Deception is illusion. Only Truth endures.

Have faith in Truth, and dedicate yourself to it. Seek the Truth in all things. Seek the perspective of your God to help you in each moment.

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