Can you live in this mode?

If you have spent much time listening to stories of temporary death or near death experiences, you will be aware of the “life review” experience. I have heard this experience described hundreds of times across a very diverse range of people. I have to accept the reality that the life review experience is probably real. Just as many people have encountered Jesus, so I must accept that He likely exists too.

Upon acceptance of this, I pondered what my life review will be like. I initially remembered things that caused negative feelings such as guilt and shame, and I took them to Jesus in repentance. However, now I have awknowledged all the mistakes and weaknesses I am aware of, what should I do?

It’s now time to live in “life review mode”. Living with Jesus beside me as I review my life while I live it. He loves me, He advocates for me, and He helps guide me in His Way. Jesus is not there to punish me, He’s there to support me and teach me. However I could not communicate with Jesus until I sought to know Him.

Can you be conscious of Jesus beside you, supporting you, loving you, caring for you? Can you imagine that you are currently going through your fully immersive life review, with Jesus beside you? Can you make choices that lead towards love, compassion, and forgiveness, and away from deception and selfishness?

If you live this way, surely your post-mortem life review will be easier to welcome.

Living in life review mode means that we can live in the moment fearlessly, because the past becomes a trail left by a present moment that was managed carefully and thoughtfully. The future becomes of no concern beyond following the heart, because the present is always managable. The fear of the future is really fear of not being able to manage a challenge in the present moment. However, everything can be welcomed, processed, and then released. We may fear poverty, but every moment of poverty can be dealt with if it is processed carefully and thoughtfully with Christ by our side. We may be afraid of a painful death, but it too will be managed and released with Christ by our side.

Try living in life review mode. As you do, you process the present, creating a past that is light and easy to carry. As you proceed, Jesus will show you memories from the past to be processed with Him by your side. The more you process with honesty, the lighter you become. The key is total honesty and commitment to Truth.

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