Who loves you this much?

Who loves you enough to grow you a garden?

Who loves you enough to raise animals for you?

Who loves you enough to light the sky?

Who loves you enough to give you life?

Who loves you enough to create everything for you?

Who loves you enough to come in human form to teach you Truth, the Way, and the Life that endures?

Who has endless compassion and forgiveness waiting for you if you choose to accept it?

Who is the living embodiment of love?

The living God that is waiting for you.

Run from all not of God, and turn away from human teachings.

Run towards love, joy, peace, friendship, compassion, forgiveness.

God loves us so much, that’s why we feel such repentance (especially during the postmortem life review), because it’s embarrassing to expose our dark side to our Creator, who is the embodiment of perfect Love.

What we can be certain about is that God wants us to have love in all our thoughts and actions.

So accept that you don’t know the mind of God, or what definitely is or is not a sin. During your life review you will agree that you sinned, so repent now and seek to live for Truth and Love. God understands all the reasons why you did, said, and thought everything you ever did, but God wants you to become consciously aware of that Truth too. The Truth will teach you compassion and forgiveness.

Who loves you enough to spend eternity teaching you about perfect Love?

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