Can you block the flow of life?

People are whole complex and evolving beings. We cannot be one dimensional and static, because the river of life is ever changing. I keep waiting for the perfect moment to stop the momentum of the river of my life. Pick the perfect moment to build a dam and make this moment last. Build something to control the flow of life. Build a construct to direct the river of my life around.

But I can’t do it. I cannot pick the moment to jump back in and fight the flow. I am enjoying riding the wave of faith in life too much to stop where I am. I just want to express who I am, as I am, where I am, right now, in my wholeness, always changing, always evolving, multifaceted, seeking the Truth, desiring the greatest good in my heart.

That pure authenticity is terrifying to contemplate fully embracing, yet we know that God is always witness to our authentic selves. So why are we so afraid of each other? What could be shameful enough to hide from each other but not from God? Is it not deception that causes all our problems?

The secrets and lies in the service of deception are the cause of all our suffering. No matter how frightening, the Truth can always be faced. The Truth is compassionate and forgiving.

Jesus is Truth.

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