You’ve never heard this before.

Hell is going to come to Earth out of logical progression of ego-centric understanding and behaviours compounding each other.

The only way out is allegiance to the Truth over ego. Without dedication to the Truth, nothing matters except protecting the self. This belief then compounds evil through logical progression and the resulting behaviors.

This is most clearly seen in the “chain of action”, where someone oppresses those directly below them. The oppressed people feel resentful, but feel too afraid retaliate, so they take out their resentments on those below them in power and status. Each level of the chain derives relief from oppressing those weaker than them, until the chain encounters a final innocent sufferer who does not perpetuate the chain.

This is the one redemption of Hell. If a soul is innocently tortured in Hell, their suffering can cleanse the karma they gained through the chain of action while on Earth.

The demons of Hell delight in the relief they gain from releasing their resentments. They get particularly giddy when they get to torture such weak and fearful beings as new human souls, as they think the lack of evil and fight-back is pathetic and hilarious. The only reason the demons became and remain demonic is because they choose to continue engaging in the chain of action, which perpetuates evil to avoid personal suffering. If they refused the orders of Satan there would be many consequences, but it would also require experiencing inner suffering. The demon would need to allow itself to have empathy for it’s victims and accept that they have done evil things. This psychological suffering is a bigger deterrent than the physical suffering, so demons remain demons.

You can see this dynamic at play on Earth, as life can become more or less Hellish depending on how much personal ethical autonomy each person seizes. The less personal freedom and individual responsibility, the more Hellish reality becomes due to the chain of action, which passes suffering from the initiator along a line of participants until the someone who is totally innocent bears the final suffering and breaks the chain. This is seen in people of all ages and genders, but the most perfect example is of course Jesus Christ. Jesus defied the chain of action, by placing Himself at the end, refusing to pass on any resentments. He took all the suffering of the world, with compassion and forgiveness in His heart. Thus He breaks all chains that connect to Him.

Are you brave enough to be loyal to the Truth?

How does the chain of action look in our society? Whenever “I’m just doing a job” is needed as an excuse. Whenever a parent loses their temper with their child. Any time it seems inconvenient to speak up for the truth. Whenever you treat others in ways that are not loving.

The truth doesn’t perpetuate harm, and all negative projections are manifestations of unrelated hurt.

Break the chain of action. Be treated unfairly. Allow yourself to experience injustice. Accept slander. Let all this pass through you, and know the truth. Any retaliation would be wrong. Any hardening of the heart would be wrong. You bear the suffering as the innocent, allowing the suffering to happen without allowing the suffering to change you for the worse. Suffer because we all do. Suffer because you don’t want anyone else to. Take all the pain, and transmute it into love. Let them hate you, and love them back.

You are a vehicle of transmutation for hate. Hate enters, none may exit.

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