These fears poison our lives


We fear apocalypse.
We fear war.
We fear pandemics.
We fear terrorism.
We fear bombs.
We fear poisons.
We fear nature.
We fear humans.
We fear death.

We can avoid deadly things.
We are still going to die.
One day the snake will bite us.

We can run from fear all our life.
We can lie about our fearlessness.
But death comes anyway.

I must try to be ready for death.
The vain scrabbling for nothing is meaningless.
I came alone and I go alone. No, I live alone.
Alone from vantage point, together with all forever.
Infinite surrounding me, I seek good, God, Gud. [“God” and “good” as one word, “Gud”]

What can I do but face death from the vantage point I find most favourable?
I can’t go into death with a random perspective that I simply found myself swept up in.
I need to show that I am seeking, I need to show that I am trying, and in doing so I am.

My God is perfect truth.
My God is perfect compassion.
My God is perfect love.

There is nothing to fear with all focus on the beauty of God, good, Gud.
Everything I do and do not in the service of God, good, Gud.
Only the God of Perfect Truth can earn my heart’s deepest love, because only
Perfect Truth births Perfect Compassion.

My heart could never love a being that rewarded harmful selfishness.
The devil could torture me, and make me say that I serve him,
But my heart will still belong to Jesus.

I will live for Truth.
I will live the Way.
May I be filled with Life.

I thank God for Jesus.
I thank Jesus for salvation.

If you were to experience a temporary death right now, how would you live differently afterwards?
If you experienced continuity of consciousness after death, how would you live differently afterwards?
If you met Jesus during a temporary death experience, how would you live differently afterwards?

I do not have conclusive answers for myself, much less anyone else.
Yet contemplation of these questions is essential, as this is the reality I find myself in.
Near-death experiences, aka temporary death experiences, testify to experiencing consciousness continuing, meeting Jesus, and even meeting God.
Why must we all have a temporary death experience before we try believing?
Faith tests the validity of belief.

I want to face death knowing that I lived a life dedicated to Truth.
Jesus Christ said He is Truth. This means Jesus is literally Truth.
Truth and Christ are one [vibration, frequency, harmony, tone, colour, energy]
When the Truth is made known, it has the strength of Christ within it.
The Truth is in perfect harmony with God.
Truth has no shadows.
Nothing can hide in the light of Truth.

As long as I remain dedicated to the Truth, I am dedicated to Christ.
Though I still sin when weakness makes me hide in fear, my hero Jesus Christ saves me anyway.

Yes, physical death is scary, but it doesn’t get less scary by avoiding it. We must look inside ourselves and figure out what we need to do to reduce that fear. While preventing death from disease, war, violence, or even accidents, is a noble and worthy pursuit, we all die anyway. Each of us have to decide for ourselves what we need to do, or believe, to go into death bravely, because we go into death alone. We won’t be able to point the blame at someone else. We won’t be able to call for help from people we know. Will we even know what to do outside our flesh?

I am putting my faith in Jesus. If He is Truth, that shall be known with faith.
Like stepping onto a new bridge, faith is validated by the bridge’s strength.
If I have faith in a paper bridge, I will fall and the Truth will be known.
Faith tests Truth.
All that is not Truth will be revealed through faith, and
Agents of deception will be known in the light of Truth.

Peace be with you.

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