The Rapture is Eternal

My current belief is that Christians throughout history thought they live in the end times because they do.

I believe each soul can become caught up in the rapturous love of Jesus Christ, and be saved.

I wasn’t Christian prior to a supernatural meeting with Jesus in January 2022, but ever since His core teachings and His sacrifice makes sense to me without additional study. I hope every one gives His love a chance.

Jesus doesn’t ask you to choose a church, or be perfect. No one can live a sinless life on the Earth, because it is impossible. That’s why He died for us. He took on the pain He didn’t deserve, and instead of finding a way to push it onto someone else (like we would) He had faith in the Heavenly Father’s plan.

Jesus was the wisest, most compassionate and loving man to ever live, and the world responded by treating Him like the worst of the worst. Yet His faith and sacrifice was rewarded by God so greatly that He is held as the highest of all high, as a manifestation of all the beauty and goodness of God.

Sin is ultimately selfishness at the expense of others. We are weak, but Christ is strong. He will help guide us, and those who believe in Jesus will be embraced by Him when they pass on to Heaven. He is not a magic genie who grants wishes, He is our eternal Father. Perfect in all His ways.

Thank you for reading 🙏

The featured image was adapted by me using faceapp. I often see visions of Christ smiling victoriously covered in His glorious wounds, as depicted here. If you imagine Him reaching out to hug you, that would be exactly how I see Him.

God bless you.

One thought on “The Rapture is Eternal

  1. Sin is ultimately selfishness at the expense of others.

    Wow is that ever true.

    May I add however that sin is the rejection of God so that you may worship something or someone else.


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