Light in the darkness

You find yourself in a maze on a moonless night. You have to find a way out, but you can’t see anything. You know this maze contains spike-filled pits and spears poking from the walls, but you have no idea how to avoid them.

You reach into your pocket and find an intercom. You press the talk button and ask if there is someone there who can help you. A kind voice replies:

“Yes, I am so happy you asked, of course I will help you. I have a map of the maze, so I can see where all the traps are. I have night vision goggles, so I can see in the dark. I am high in a tower, so I can see exactly where you are. I will guide you and protect you from harm. All you need to do is trust me. Even though the journey out of the maze might seem confusing, and at times it will seem like you aren’t making progress, I promise that I am keeping you safe from many dangers that you cannot see. So please do not worry about how things seem, I am watching over you with clear vision, and I promise you will be with me very soon.”

This story is a metaphor for our lives on Earth. We feel lost, and we often feel like a failure in the eyes of the world. Perhaps we regret not going to university, starting a business, or having children. We feel like we are not doing enough, and that we have failed. Perhaps we are living alone in poverty, and judge ourselves harshly for “ending up like this”.

Jesus asks us to take a step back to gain a wider perspective. If we had achieved the things we wish we had, perhaps our lives would be much worse, or even over. Something as simple as avoiding a deadly car crash by a few minutes because we paused for a glass of water can radically change our fate.

Jesus has been watching over you all your life. He has been protecting you from the worse outcomes. Life may look bad from YOUR perspective, but from Christ’s perspective, you are making progress towards the exit of the maze. Jesus is watching over you and guiding you for your highest good.

Jesus loves you and advocates for you. He is caring for you, even if you don’t believe in Him. He cares about you more than you can comprehend, and He will care for you every day until you turn to Him for help. He will help you without your asking, but once you speak to Him through the spiritual “intercom” of prayer, you will FEEL His loving presence and know He lives! Then you will grow in faith and trust faster than you can imagine, and life will feel like the veil of heaven is melting away before you, so that you no longer wait for death to meet Him, because you KNOW He is with you now and always.

Hallelujah 🙌 Praise the Lord 🙌

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