Salvation is for all

We can’t say that salvation is through faith alone, then exclude people from that. No matter whether they are a rapist, a murderer, or any other person who you consider “bad”.

Just like them, you are still a sinner, as am I, even though we have accepted Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation. Therefore it is not correct to walk away from (aka condemn) someone who you think is sinning too much to be loved by Jesus.

Jesus literally died for sinners, that’s the whole point of His sacrifice. We are all sinners who can’t help but fail because we are so weak.

That’s why He asked us to not to focus on the speck in our brother’s eye, when we have a log in our own. When we see sin in others, we must see ourselves in them, because even though their sin is different, it is equal in the eyes of God. That’s why we ALL need the blood of Jesus for our salvation.

Make today the day you decide to love all your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Praise God 🙏

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