It feels like remembering

The reason why it feels different to believe in Jesus, meditate on Jesus, or sing praises to Jesus, compared to other secular variations of those things, is because you actually remember Jesus. The feeling you are experiencing is similar to the feeling you experience when you remember a loved one. You can’t see the person you are remembering as clearly as if they were standing in front of you, but you do feel “in touch” with them.

Jesus exists as a deep core knowing within each soul.

This explains why people know Jesus without being told during NDEs. The memory of Jesus is always with us, and the living Jesus exists transcendent of time and space, so when we remember Him, He knows we are thinking about Him and can respond. Jesus may connect with us more strongly, or send us messages, or use any other form of communication when we remember Him.

Remembering Jesus is the same a focusing on Jesus. The clearer Jesus is remembered, the clearer your focus on Him. As Jesus transcends time and space, He can communicate with you whenever you focus on Him.

I don’t know how it works, but I gain new understanding when I focus on Jesus, the Truth. Perhaps Jesus is giving me new understanding, or perhaps I am remembering previous knowledge Jesus gave me, or maybe it is totally different than that. All I know is that it feels different to all other spiritual practices that I have tried. It feels like remembering.

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