Logical proof that Jesus Christ is Truth

What I have to share with you today may be new in its phrasing, but I hope that it will make perfect sense.

I will start with the most basic of logical and mathematical proofs.

1 = 1

This simple equation does not need explanation beyond understanding that it is a true statement, because the value on either side of the equation is the same.

Another way to say this would be:

1 is 1

Okay. So let’s look at the statement:

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

This could be written as:

Jesus = the Way = the Truth = the Life

Each of these things are as equal as saying:

1 = 1 = 1 = 1

This is, in my opinion, the key to understanding Jesus, but it would take more time than we have today.

Therefore, let’s just look at this statement:

Jesus is Truth

This means that Jesus and Truth are indistinguishable from each other.

So, when we decide to be a Christian, we are agreeing to the statement:

Giving my life to Christ = Giving my life to Truth

What does it mean to “give your life”? Taken to it’s fullest logical conclusion:

Giving your life = Willing to die

And so

Willing to die for Christ = Willing to die for Truth

So, how do you die for Truth?

Well, we can state that

Physical suicide = Self murder

As murder is a mortal sin, we can be sure that Christ is not requesting a physical suicide.

However, there is a false self that can be killed without your physical Christian life coming to an end. This false self is called the ego. The ego is the favorable persona that you have fabricated through deception for your benefit. You use it to appear better to others, but also, more insidiously, to appear better in your own opinion of yourself.

This dangerous deception is at the heart of most evils in this world. Strengthening the ego is the most powerful weapon in Satan’s diabolical tool box, precisely because it feels so good while being almost imperceptible.

It is only possible to notice the deception at work through careful and diligent practice of stilling the mind so completely that your awareness becomes able to witness the arrival of such deceiving thoughts.

However, Christ is most merciful and loving, and knows how challenging such an undertaking is. So He has provided us with a much simpler and more direct way to purity, and that is through giving your life to Him, the Truth.

By speaking Truth, you will kill your ego, because you will no longer be able to use deception as a shield. You will no longer use deception to hide from consequences of the Truth.

So this means that:

Dying for the Truth = Living for the Truth

Because you have chosen to kill the self that loves deception so that you can live for the Truth.

When you choose this, you manifest:

Truth within you and Truth external to you = Christ within you and Christ external you

We must do this, because God is Truth, so deception by definition goes against God. When you use your free will to choose deception over truth, you are rejecting God. This rejection of Truth separates you from God.

This is probably quite a frightful prospect, as it is calling you to live with the transparency of air, yet we must remember that:

Trusting Truth = Trusting Jesus

Which also means that

Fear of Truth = Fear of Jesus

But as 2nd Timothy 1:7 says “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

So we must not be afraid of the Truth any more than we should fear our loving Heavenly Father and eternal saviour, Jesus Christ.

For Christ promises not to forsake those who love him, trust him, follow him, and speak His name, be it Jesus, Yeshua, or Truth.

So Christ will not forsake those who love truth, trust truth, follow truth, and speak truth.

So while it may fill your heart with terror to pledge to live and die for truth, just remember that Christ is truth, and He promises that He will never abandon those who love Him, the Truth.

So today, I ask you to lay your life down for the Truth. I ask you to have faith that you will be saved no matter where the path of Truth leads, because Christ is Truth, and if He will not fail you, than neither will the Truth.

Thank you. AMEN.

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