Tao Te Ching Addendum

This following was transcribed from an audio recording I made during deep meditation.

With pain, I am numb.
With sound, I am deaf.
With sight I am blind.
With time, I am finite.
With love, I can hate.
With pain, I’m alone.
With words, I am misunderstood.

With words come confusion.
With peace comes war.

What is there to fight?
Where is there to go?
When should we be?

Such delicate expressions, so fragile.
Burning to their fullest. 
What would be a full expression?
To live to the edge? 
To watch it burn its brightest? 
Not holding back something for tomorrow? 
Unchanged by yesterday? 
Let it be, this, as it is.
The fullest expression of itself.

As I skip across the pages of reality,
And say words that mean nothing,
Let us melt into oneness with each other.
Let us accept everything as it is.
Let us be whole, as we see ourselves unwhole.
Let us be wise, with nothing in our mind.
Let us know, without knowledge.
Let us love, without having.
Let us be, without anything.
Let us live, without death.

There is only an end, if there is a start, and a start without an end. 
No time, without the timeless.
No sense of place, without being lost.
No self, without everything else.
Let us be, and that is enough.
Let us know nothing.

There’s a time for love, and a time for blindness.
There’s a time for pain, and a time for comfort.
A time for brightness, and a time for nothingness.
A time for rain, and a time for clear skies.
A time for the outside, and a time for the in.
A time for warmth, and a time for the cold.
A time for introspection, and a time for forgetting.
A time for pressure, and a time for release.
A time for broken and a time for fixed.
A time to be frustrated, and a time for peace.

Boredom, fascination; it is all OK.
It is all one, it is all needed, it is all here.
Its value is equal.
It is either one or zero. One, or nothing.
It is on, or it is off; it is not one.
Just the pure beauty of oneness,
And wonderousness of it all is ever present,
Always here for you right now.
This place of infinite, foreverness. 
In-fin-ite possibilities.
You swim in it as it washes over you.
You just let it be.

Where would you go, when you don’t know where you are?
Where would you run to, if you’re always lost?
All you’ve ever been is lost.
There is nowhere to run to,
and nothing to run from.
Forever lost? 
Forever at home.

The nonsense you hear makes perfect sense.
The alignment you fear is the only side.
We can’t have one without the other.
You fight the other, or be both.
In both, you are neither.

In simplicity, there is truth.
In simplicity, there is nothing.
In looking, you become lost.
In owning, you have nothing.
In seeking, you will never find.
In hoping, you find fear.
In releasing, you are at peace.

In love, there is hate.
In light, there is dark.
In more, there is less.
In reaching, there is receding.
In withdrawing, there is attack.
With resistance, there is onslaught.
In grabbing, there is resistance.
In knowing, there is ignorance.
In simplicity, there is eternal complexity.
In pain, there is comfort.
In the forever, there is now.
In nonsense, there is sense.
In blindness, there is sight.
In colours, there is light.
In darkness, there is pain.

In life; light and dark are one.
It is all the Tao, it is all one, it is all OK.
Those who fight the OK, are OK.
Those who fight for OK, need to simply put down their weapons.
Those that once resisted your fight to make them OK, will be free to be OK.
Let it all be OK, for it is, and always has been, and always shall be.
Every cry, let it be.
I do not resist, or question.
It is.
If it is, then it must be OK.
For how could it be, and not be OK?
Through the lens of human judgement only.
Through the lens of an eternal experience of infinite possibilities,
It is merely an obvious function,
An inevitable outcome of the infinite.
Every question you ask has its answer built into it.
For infinity, creates infinite.
Let it be infinite.
Let your piece be the piece that it is,
For it is the piece that you have.

I am not the vessel, I wish this message reaches you.
The vessel focuses the message,
Filters the message through to you.
For it is not the vessel that speaks.
It is beyond. It is outside, it is within.
It is everyone, it is you.
Its everything, and therefore nothing.
It is all of it, being and non-being, the black and the white and the sounds and the silence.
The wisdom, the Universe, the emptiness. Absolute completion.
The infinite manifest. Never to be tied down, Forever contained.
In-fin-ite wisdom.
Emptiness flows.

The I does not want to package the infinite.
The I doesn’t want this life to be pieced; 
To wrap it up in a bow for you.
The I doesn’t want to take a chunk out of it.
Take its separateness and strip it away and hold it as ‘mine’.
Its dead, and causes pain.
Now you can judge me for that piece? 
The I separate from the all?
The chunk separate from infinite wisdom?
To be judged right or wrong?
To be taken by you as true or false?
To be a representation of you or your enemy?
This piece; this piece of the infinite that is never disconnected from infinity cannot be thrust into duality.
Let the I slip away.
See through.
Dissolve into this moment forever.
Only with time are you finite.
Here, you are forever.
Let me hold your hand.
Hold the hand of eternity.
Millions of you, hold my hand, as though they are here alone.
You are with me.

As I become you, I find myself.
As I wash away, I come home.
As I dissolve, I am formed.
As I am known, I am unknown.
As I whisper, I shout.
As I am clear, I sound confused.
I seem lost when I have found the way.
I seem trapped when I am free.
When I am in pain, I am at peace.
In peace there is pain.
The infinite transcends these dualities.
The infinite Tao transcends all things.
Let it be.
Let it be.
Let it be.
Let it be.

You fight to take tomorrow, and you’ll lose today.
In wanting, you’ll have nothing.
In feeling, you are numb.
There is one, and it exists within zero.
It is one, or everything.
It is one, or it is nothing.
It is separate, it is separately a part of this infinity, infinitely.
In holding, I am weak.
In allowing, there is peace.
In seeking, you are lost.
The light shines through you.
It cannot be stopped, except for when it stops.
In the infinite, it is and it isn’t,
For how else could it be infinite?
It is both nonsense and pure sense,
Without logic, and logic itself.

You are time, as is timeless.
My speech may be silent, but I am heard.


What does curing disease mean?

I proclaim to have healed my own chronic illnesses, and I believe that others can do the same. What do I mean by this? How do we know if we have healed or cured disease? How does it happen?

Curing disease means that symptoms of illness are no longer present.

This means that if you were to visit a medical doctor, they would no longer find any signs of illness that they can diagnose.

Some things cannot be cured. These are usually conditions that people are born with, such as Down’s Syndrome, Primordial Dwarfism, or Congenital Blindness.

However, most conditions develop over our lifetime, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. There are two ways in which this can occur:

  1. Substances cause your body to be unable to function properly, and your continued exposure prevents your body from healing.
  2. Substances cause immediate problems that don’t resolve because you continue to be exposed to the substance.

Therefore, if you want to resolve these conditions, you must identify and remove these illness-causing substances.

Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

To do this, the easiest option is an elimination diet. This approach uses foods which are the least allergenic and most nutrient dense, and removes all the others until illness subsides. You should also remove all unnecessary chemicals, such as fragranced body care, air fresheners, and cleaners.

The safest foods for healing are animal foods.

Plants use a variety of chemical defences to prevent being eaten by insects and animals. These chemicals can cause all sorts of problems in the body. Other foods are totally man-made, such as vegetable oil and processed foods. Vegetable oils are the number one cause of modern diseases, so even just removing them from your diet will improve health.

Now you are no longer consuming problematic foods or exposing yourself to synthetic chemicals, your body can start to function properly again. After a few months, you will be able to try reintroducing certain foods and substances, and discover whether they are problematic for you. You can retain your optimal health from this point forward.

Would you like tailored advice to help you heal?

Photo by Kristya Nugraha on Pexels.com

Amber Heard: Love Is Violence

Two simple concepts can explain the cycle of violence that existed between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Various aspects of human behaviour on display during this trial has left many viewers pondering “why”. The compulsion to lie, the compulsion to minimise the unflattering and magnify the flattering, the compulsion to maintain illusions, the compulsion to protect the self in all ways; all these compulsions have been laid bare for us to scrutinise, but the violence is always the most perplexing.

Before this spectacle was placed in front of the world, there was a cycle of violence taking place in private between Depp and Heard. I am exploring the cause of that cycle of violence in this article, because the drama between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp can be found mirrored in relationships across the world. If people can see with empathy how these interpersonal dynamics occur, then they will be able to break the cycles of violence in their own lives.

The “Love Is Violence” Belief

“If you love me, you will care enough about me to get angry. If you really love me with a fiery passion, then you will risk losing me by expressing how intensely you feel about me, even if that means being violent. If you love me so much that you can’t physically contain your passion for me, then of course I forgive you, because you must love me more than anyone else does. In return, I will show you how much I love and appreciate your passion for me. I will accept your apologies so we can come together in happiness and greater love than before, because now we know that we have tested our love to the limits of pain, and despite the violence, we still want each other. I know I can stay with you because any time I doubt your love for me I can test you. Testing our love together is a deeply satisfying experience. The feeling of seeing you risk losing me by expressing your raw passion is intoxicating. The feeling of melting into the peaceful love of resolution is deeply soothing. I love knowing that I elicit an uncontrollable violent passion in you, because it means I can be sure that you care about me more than anyone else does. When I feel our love grow stronger through the resolution, I want to stay with you more than ever.”

Someone who believes “Love Is Violence”.

I imagine that we can all relate to that description in some capacity. When you care about someone, you do put yourself on the line for the object of your affection. Love is often expressed through enduring situations that you would avoid if not for the love of another. However, that is not the only way to express love, and it is certainly not healthy to deliberately choose those forms to express love. Such things should only be a by-product of true expressions of love, such as compassion, forgiveness, and truth.

For those who were raised by parents who were frequently angry or violent, it is easy to develop this perception of love:

“The Tough Love Illusion”

“My parents love me more than anyone in the world, and they are the people who are the most angry with me. Therefore they must care a lot about me to get this angry with me, instead of being indifferent. They must feel safe to be angry with me because they believe that my love for them will always be greater than their anger could destroy. I will always be grateful when my parents are angry with me because I know they are doing it out of love for me. I will make sure that everyone is happy afterwards, and make sure everyone knows I will try to do better next time.”

A child deceived by “The Tough Love Illusion”.

With both these simple concepts illuminated, it becomes easier to understand how the behaviour currently on display for the world came to be: A violent father taught his daughter that real, strong, passionate love is expressed through violence. From then on, if she wants to make sure a relationship is strong and worth continuing, she will test it by provoking the other person to express their deepest uncontrollable passions. She believes that if she can provoke an uncontrolled expression of passion, including violence, it will prove the other person has great love for her. She believes the other person is always hiding these passionate feelings inside, but they are just too afraid to express them in case she will not forgive them afterwards. When the other person does eventually express passionate (even violent) feelings, she rejoices and enters the resolution phase. She now feels she can show how amazing and lovable she is by forgiving and nurturing the other person for being violent towards her. Although it may appear that she provoked the other person to violence, she actually feels that she helped the other person to work through their hidden feelings. She feels she helped them express themselves honestly, and guided them to a good clean healthy resolution in the end. The loving time of peaceful resolution is taken as evidence that this is true.

The other person may be enjoying the cycle of violence if it mirrors their own belief that “Love Is Violence”. Otherwise they may be totally baffled by this cyclic behaviour, and try desperately all manner of techniques to solve the problem, while never managing to do so.

With this understanding, we cannot condemn someone as evil.

Everyone is acting from within their own world of ignorance. Seeing relationships through the lens of belief that “Love Is Violence” is equal to a fish unaware of the water it swims in. People don’t see they are trapping themselves in a cycle of violence when they hold the belief that love should be tested and proven through violence. In these relationships, both people are victims of the cycle, regardless of whether they both hold the “Love Is Violence” belief or not.

Real love is forgiveness. In the cycle of violence, only one person gets to enjoy giving love in the form of forgiveness. However, if they want to transcend the cycle of violence, both must be able to give love to each other. This means both must give the other forgiveness, both must give the other compassion. If both cannot give love to the other, the one who is able to give love must give it without requiring love in return. The other is currently unable to give love, so intentionally expecting love in return simply means that you have drawn a line where you will feel justified in not loving them any more.

If you can forgive the other person completely, you will find you have endless compassion for them. At this point, it won’t matter to you whether they forgive you or not, because your compassion for them transcends your need for their forgiveness. You understand why they can’t give you forgiveness, and you can feel their pain as if it were your own. From this perspective, there is no need for forgiveness as there is transcendent compassion in its place.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

We must speak the truth, and always stand for the truth.
The truth needs no anger or violence to defend itself.
Jesus is Truth.

Why I sing gospel in the streets

Short answer: Jesus lives and I want to sing to Him. I want to show anyone without a relationship with Jesus Christ just how passionate our Love is for each other. As an atheist I never heard powerful gospel songs, and I didn’t know people loved Jesus with a real passionate faith. I want to give atheists a chance to see how it looks and sounds to hear the Love of our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ!

Long answer: I have always loved singing. I’ve spent many years practicing, but pursuing a singing career meant living a life competing for attention. All I wanted to do was share the joy of beautiful singing, but that’s not how the entertainment business works. So I chose intellectual pursuits instead. In my spare time I studied atheist debates on YouTube. I can say I completely understand the intellectual reasons against many Christian beliefs and reasons for faith. The trouble is the atheist arguments don’t prove that God and Jesus can’t exist. Whereas thousands of near-death experiencers can testify to meeting God and/or Jesus Christ in a reality “more real than this life”. People of all backgrounds have met Jesus Christ in spirit through near-death experiences. I have also encountered the spirit of Jesus Christ myself during intense prayer, and I feel His love when I worship His glory with music.

Since I began to believe in Jesus, I have slowly come to experience Him more and more. The most powerful way for me to feel His love, and to express my love for Him, is through singing songs of praise to Him. I can feel my soul filling with love in ways I have never experienced through any other spiritual practice. Jesus answers my every honest question as long as I am open to receive the honest Truth. He shows me how easy it is to bring infinite joy, peace, love and kindness into our lives. We just have to desire it, and then ask Jesus to show us His Way.

All you need is a desire for Jesus to show you His Way.

Before I believed in Jesus Christ, I had no idea there were people who passionately loved Him. I didn’t realise there were people who actually felt the Love of Jesus, because I didn’t realise that Jesus is literally right here in spirit, right now. Jesus lives, and He lives right here, right now.

I didn’t consider it was possible for all we have been promised in Jesus Christ to be true. As an atheist I didn’t think it was even worth my time to explore a relationship with Christ. How ignorant I was! How sad it is that I thought I knew it all.

I eventually turned to Christ because I wanted to be like Him.

I then spent much time pondering the person who Jesus must have been to be able to live that Way. Then, in my darkest and most fearful moment, I sang the Lord’s prayer with the deepest sincerity. I felt the fear of God come over me, and I went through an intense dialogue in which I bore my soul as honestly as I possibly could, and spoke to God with total sincerity. I offered up my life as a sacrifice right there and then if it meant good things would come from it, and Jesus came and saved me. To be saved is a vastly complex and nuanced experience that you understand with your saviour Jesus Christ. He saves you just as you need to be saved. It’s between you both.

There He was. Just to be in His presence was enough.

Despite telling Jesus to take my life now, in all sincerity, I found I was still alive. I was saved by Jesus. What can I do now, but celebrate our coming reunion? We will be together any day now! Until that day comes, Jesus wants me to spread His message of redemption and Love until the day He welcomes me home. I feel like I’m starting to understand everything from a whole new perspective based on the deepest Love. The compassion and forgiveness of Christ is growing in me.

Jesus lives, and He is everything we were told. He pours forth as infinite Love. He took my soul and promised me Heaven. He is all I want to be, and He loves me! How can I not sing His praises from Heaven! How can I feel the Love of Jesus and not want to share it with you? 

What Hell NDEs Really Teach Us

You may think that near-death experiences of Hell are purely a lesson in fear, to terrify you into never sinning again. However, there is a deeper Truth that Jesus wants you to know, because it can change your life.

What is a Hell NDE?

First, I would like to establish what a Hell near-death experience (NDE) is. During an NDE of Hell, people typically experience falling down into a place of darkness until they hit the ground. There they often report a feeling burning heat that caused excruciating pain, and witnessing demonic entities torturing them and/or other people. They almost all report a sense that this experience will be eternal, and there is a feeling of total separation from God. This Hell experience then lasts until they cry out to Jesus Christ to save them. When they cry out, often the demons react with anger and violence to silence them. Yet, in all His miraculous mercy, when they cry out to Jesus, He does indeed come and save them from Hell.

Hell NDE’s are not just a cautionary tale.

There are two key lessons to take from these experiences:

  1. How the person in Hell dealt with their predicament. They cried out to Jesus. They put all their focus on Him, and He did not fail them.
  2. Hell seemed eternal, yet Jesus could still rescue them. Thus, the idea that Hell is eternal is only an illusion that is true for those that believe it.

Let’s explore these two ideas further:

How to escape Hell

The way that each person escapes Hell was through faith in Jesus Christ. They do not escape by fighting the demons, or befriending them, or negotiating with them, or manipulating them. They do not escape by joining up with the other sufferers in Hell, by banding together with them to change Hell or overthrow the powers in Hell. They put their Faith in Jesus, and they are saved out of eternal Hell, out of eternal separation from God, out of eternal suffering. Only by turning wholeheartedly to Jesus, foregoing their own efforts to fix the situation, are they saved.

Eternity means two different things.

The experience of eternity in Hell is shown to be transcendable when Jesus lifts a soul out of Hell after they cry out to Him. When that happens, the experience of an eternity separated from God is replaced by an eternity in relationship with God. Another way to say that; the separation from God experienced in Hell appeared to be infinite, but God saves the soul from Hell with an eternal loving relationship. Time in Hell is endless, Time in Heaven is non-existent. So although an experience of either Hell or Heaven can be described as “eternity”, the quality of those eternities are completely different.

The greater the perceived distance from God, the greater perceived span of time.

When the total separation from God is experienced during the Hell NDE, the time between the present moment and being reunited with God seems endless or infinite. When God is holding the rescued soul, time becomes non-existent. Thus time as we experience it is a reflection of our separation from God. To be saved means stepping into a realm free from time, forever.

How this changes our lives

The miracle is that Jesus has been teaching us with metaphors all along. Jesus has shown us Hell, the epitome of suffering and separation from God, and showed us that through faith in Him we will be saved. This can be applied to our reality, right now! We are already existing in a level of Hell. We know this because there is pain and suffering and torment happening here. When we try to fight to fix any of these problems, it always fails to bring peace on Earth because of human weaknesses. We may even feel the eyes of the World on us when we sing the praises of the God of Love, just as the Hell demons react to the Lord’s name. Jesus has shown us the way out of Hell:

When you trust that Jesus will show you the way, through an individual relationship with Him, Jesus will save you from the Hell you dwell in, and save you from death.

How does Jesus save us from Death?

It seems that Jesus can’t possibly save a living person from death. However, this is exactly what happens. The Truth is that Jesus is alive right now, Living in eternal glory. You are also an eternal spirit, but living in a human body. Therefore, when you cry out to Jesus to save you, He will come to you in spirit and connect you with His profound Love. He will create an infinite, timeless connection between Himself and your soul. You will then begin the spiritual relationship with Jesus that you had been waiting for death to experience. Through this relationship, you will begin to transcend the experience of time, because everything you were on your endless search for has now come to you in Jesus Christ. So now, even though you know that one day your body will cease to function, you are not too bothered, because you already have the assurance that Jesus is right here with you. Now all you need to do is keep loving Him and living for Him. He has kept you alive on Earth to live for Him until the day He releases you from your earthly body in Love. He wants to see you bring His Love to all those who are still living in this realm of Hell, hurting and suffering in ignorance. He will guide you in how to do that when you don’t take your focus off His Love.

Praise Jesus for this beautiful insight into the nature of time. We praise You, oh Holy God!

The ideas in this article will each be explored in greater detail in future articles, so please follow to get notified when they are posted.

I welcome you to listen to this song. Please close your eyes, raise your palms to Heaven and sing along.

The root of social anxiety

My previous post addressed why intimate relationships fail, focusing on the lack of fulfilment. However, it is not just intimate relationships that have anxiety and stress associated with them. As much as 15% of the population will report social anxiety during their lifetime, and its prevalence is increasing.

On the surface, it is easy to say that people are experiencing social anxiety because they are afraid of other people’s judgements. They might be afraid that they aren’t attractive enough, intelligent enough, interesting enough, cool enough, accomplished enough, or any other sense of lack. This is probably true, and these thoughts will definitely fuel social anxiety. Why do people feel these feelings? These negative self-perceptions are stemming from an incorrect reflection of the self found in the other. Why?

There is a hidden dynamic at play.

There is a destructive dynamic present in any situation with a power imbalance. Stick with me here, because by the end of this, you will see how it relates to all kinds of relationships.

I’m going to use the doctor-patient dynamic because it is personally one of the most terrifying interactions I can face. The reason for my fear could be explained by a lifetime of mental and emotional trauma at the hands of uncaring and judgemental doctors, but I don’t think that is the true root of the fear I think there is a core issue that creates stress in the majority of relationships, and that is reciprocity.

I believe the fear stems from a relational imbalance.

When I am required to engage in the doctor-patient dynamic, the relationship is not a natural one. A “natural relationship” would be one of mutual connection and sharing, like that found in the best friendships. In a natural relationship, each person gets to know the other in their wholeness. Each person knows the others strengths and weaknesses, failures and successes, and they have both given of themselves to the other equally. When one friend asks the other for help, the other gives gladly, because they have already received and know that their giving builds a reciprocity that creates a more and more beautiful friendship with every day they share.

The doctor-patient dynamic is unable to create this ideal natural relationship because a reciprocal relationship is not permitted. This is seen in two key aspects:

  • A patient can’t get to know the doctor personally, so they can’t offer them any of the kindness or support that they would usually share in a natural relationship. This makes the patient the “needy” and the doctor the “giver”.
  • A patient only sees a doctor when they are sick, so they have to play the role of a weak and needy person.This makes the patient a one-dimensional person in the doctor’s mind. This means the doctor has no idea who the person actually is in their wholeness, creating a false concept of the patient in the doctor’s mind.

As a patient, you are not allowed to develop a mutual reciprocity with the doctor.

It is considered inappropriate to try to get to know the doctor, or to offer them any personal help or gifts. Instead you are required to be in a one-sided dynamic where you must humbly beg for help, hoping that the doctor likes you enough to believe and take pity on you, because they hold all the power to relieve your suffering. You cannot engage in building a relationship which would demonstrate to them how strong, motivated, capable, and generous you normally are in life. You must remain in the subordinate begging role, and so you necessarily become a weak and needy person in the doctor’s mind. So if the doctor then decides that you seem like someone who lies for attention, drugs, or exaggerates symptoms because “you are weak”, there is nothing you can do. Time has proven that there is literally no way to communicate that proves you are being totally honest and accurate in your communication, it is fully dependent on the doctor’s perception of you only. If you had been able to have a natural relationship, built on equal give and take, then the conception of who the patient is would be more accurate, and their actual needs would be much more obvious.

A doctor can’t develop a reciprocal relationship with a patient.

Let’s also see things from the doctor’s perspective. No matter how often you see your patients, they are always complaining about being in pain. They always exaggerate how much pain they are in, and they always claim their pain isn’t controlled by over-the-counter medicines. Yet they don’t seem to be in pain, because they are able to speak calmly and clearly, or they have the energy to be dramatic in how they express pain. You feel so drained by the fact that every 15 minutes you have another low energy person asking you to give them something, while no one is coming to give you anything. You just wish people would toughen up, take care of themselves, and stop bothering you. You know most people are just exaggerating, wanting attention, or to get high, and you wish they would stop taking time away from the few people who are actually sick. You don’t want to go into work and face all these weak and needy people any more, because you just can’t face their sad or angry reactions when you don’t give them what they want. Thus your perception of your patients is skewed because you only see them when they are weak and needy. Yet you can’t change this, because it would be inappropriate to try and make a friendship with your patients, even though that is exactly what is needed.

The fear comes from being powerless to change the false perceptions of the other because of the relational dynamic.

I am terrified to interact with people in these imbalanced situations,because it is the dynamic of the situation itself that creates the problems. There is nothing I can do within the dynamic to change the other’s perception of me, no matter how false it is. The problems resulting from the dynamic are only worsened through more attempts to resolve them within the dynamic. The more the “needy” tries to communicate their needs, the more the “giver” becomes disgusted and dismissive. Because the dynamics of the situation prevent the roles from reversing, the relationship gets further and further away from a natural reciprocal relationship.

The only cure for these problems is a balancing of give and take through knowing the other in their wholeness.

If the giver could directly experience how strong, capable, loving, generous, interesting, artistic, gentle, intelligent and all-around special the needy person is, they would no longer see them as a simplistic “needy ” caricature. They would instead be very glad to be able to help them in their weakest moments, because they would see that these moments are just a small aspect of their whole being. If the needy could have a reciprocal relationship with the giver, they could give them all the kindness, understanding, and support the giver needs. Then the giver would be filled with love, life, and joy, which would give them all the passion and energy to continue giving to all that need of them.

The destructive dynamic can be found in almost all relationships.

Relationships where someone is required to play a subordinate role are everywhere:

  • Parent & child
  • Teacher & student
  • Boss & employee
  • Customer & server
  • Jailer & prisoner
  • Head of State & citizen
  • Abuser & abused (unbalanced intimate relationships)
  • Taker & giver (unbalanced friendships)

The person occupying the subordinate role cannot change the perception of the other from within the dynamic. Attempts to do so only further degradates the subordinate in the mind of the other. The powerlessness to change the balance of the relationship, or alter the perception of the other to reflect wholeness, creates a deep hopeless pain. This pain creates a cycle of ever increasing separation from, and simplification of, the other. After a while, each person starts to form their sense of self based on the reflection they find in the other. The subordinate starts to believe that the image of the other is who they are, while the other swells a false sense of power and prowess. One believes they are a stupid loser who can never be good enough to be in power, and the other believes they are a genius achiever who has rightfully earned their position of power over the weak.

What is the solution?

I could end this article with just the explanation above, and not delve into trying to offer solutions to such a deeply embedded feature of human society. However, I must give hope.

The first thing is to recognise that you have many relationships, and each has a different power balance within it. In each relationship, your position is likely a result of pure chance and other arbitrary factors out of your control. Thus you should realise that your position in them is not a reward or punishment based on your actual worth as a whole being.

Second, remember that the self you find reflected in these relationships is a product of the dynamics at play. You are treated in certain ways because of the false perceptions of the other, which were created by the dynamics of the situation. If you had a balanced natural relationship with this person, then you would likely find a totally different reflection of your self in them.

Thirdly, if you can recognise this dynamic at play, you can choose not to fuel it further. This can be done by understanding that certain forms of communication are naturally favoured by the subordinate (pleading, self-deprecation, supplication) and other (dismissal, self-aggrandizement, imposition), so you can choose to remain more neutral in your communication and reactions. By understanding that the dynamic is the cause of the tension, and that the other is likely playing into their role unconsciously, you are able to relieve some of the stress of engaging in the dynamic.

Fourthly, if you are in a position of power, you can find ways to foster a more balanced and reciprocal relationship with those subordinate to you. The subordinate person is not stupid, weak, or deserving of supplication to you. The subordinate person is powerless to change the relationship with you because of the dynamics at play, not because of any personal failing. As the person in a position of power, you can choose to either be blown up with false ego power that will be lost sooner than you realise, or you can foster a more balanced dynamic with your fellow humans that favours reciprocity.

This explains the reasons why people want power.

People don’t like the reflection of themselves as weak and subordinate, and they don’t like the feeling of powerlessness to change their situation. Thus they want to “be on top” simply so they can adopt the personal identity that they are strong, intelligent, and all-around better than others. It’s not just to feel powerful, it is to escape the opposite “weak” identity.

Each side of this dynamic needs to seize the truth;
we are all equal.

Those in power can discover a greater identity than “hated oppressor”; benevolent leader. They can seek ways to embrace others in their fullness, reduce their dictatorial power in the dynamic, and create a better world for all beings. The legacy they could leave as a powerful dictator pales in comparison to a legacy of a benevolent leader of the people.

Those in subordinate roles can stop believing that those in power deserve their power due to some special abilities or qualities. Those with power are there through circumstance, and they can fall from those positions in the blink of an eye. They deserve no more respect or reverence than any other person. Remove this illusion and those in power will be far less emboldened. With this illusion gone, it will be much easier for all subordinates to unite in withdrawing their support of harmful power structures.

This relief from power dynamics is realised when each person relinquishes their desire to rule over others, and chooses reciprocity instead. It starts with you.

Thank you for reading. Please follow for more insightful articles.

Praise Jesus for blessing us with such profound wisdom.
All my hope is the name of Jesus.
Thank you Jesus.

Why your relationship failed

Why does a beautiful love fall apart into hate and misery? How did the love of your life turn into your opponent? Once upon a time you were happy and gentle, then one day you wake up and it’s like it was all a dream. Where did you go wrong? How could you have been so blind? How could this have happened? Will this always be how relationships are?

Will love always end in pain?

The start of a relationship is so beautiful. It seems like the world is bathed in golden light, flower blossoms are brighter, birdsong is sweeter, the air is fresher. When you look upon your love, it is as though you have stars in your eyes. Your heart swells and glows with a radiant love unknown before you met. You understand each other, you relate to each other, you have so much in common. Surely this is the end of the search for peace and love.

You have found each other, and nothing could ever come between your love.

At first, you laugh at the sweetness of your uniqueness and offer words of encouragement. Then your differences become something to accept, and you offer loving suggestions. Then you count your similarities, and ask kindly for compromise. Then you cling to the threads that remain, and beg or command that they change.

Then it’s all gone, lost like a mirage.

How could this happen? What happened to the love? You both changed, you both revealed all that you initially hid, but why couldn’t love carry you through? What is this ache in your heart? What is this craving in your soul?

You are seeking a perfect love.

Is it any wonder that everyone falls short of perfect love? You want someone to love you for all that you are, all that is beautiful and ugly in you. You want a love you can rely on to be there no matter what you do. You want a love that never changes. You want a love that will never abandon you, no matter what happens. You want a love that fills your heart and heals your soul.

These desires reside in your subconscious, and manifest through the slow death of your relationships. It is natural for resentment to build when you desperately seek to be filled with love, and the source of your love seems to be withholding it. Even though they are not intentionally withholding love from you, and even if you know that is true, the agony of craving soul-healing love burns your joy to ashes. No matter how you decide to respond to this lack of love (loving harder, begging, rejection, anger) nothing works to make them fill you with love in the way they once did.

You just can’t make another person fill you with love.

The therapists and helpful friends then guide you to learn to love yourself. This is understandable, because you are never going to leave yourself, so by being your own source of love, you should always feel loved. It is also understandable that a person who doesn’t love themselves will struggle to love others. Yet we have a knowing inside of us that insists there is a deep love out there to connect with. That knowing also insists that loving each other is the most important thing we can do. So becoming self-contained, self-loving being without need for others, while a reasonable proposition, simply doesn’t speak to the deepest truth in our souls.

Where should you look for love?

The first question to answer is; what is love? What is this deep ache in the centre of the chest? What is this desire to help lift others from suffering? What is this selfless sense of sacrifice that drives us to dive into ice water to save the drowning? Where does this come from? If it was explainable by survival of the fittest, then surely the “weak” would be allowed to perish from their weakness, whether it is physical, mental or emotional? Yet we don’t want to see those we love suffer. We don’t even want strangers to perish if we can help. Where is this beautiful selfless sacrificial love that makes our hearts ache emanating from?

Love is an emanation from God.
Jesus Christ is Love Incarnate.

The love we feel is God’s love. All the love from every being is from God. All the love you give is God’s love. Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Father of Love, lives in spirit, right now and forever. Through Christ, we can experience the Love that our souls desire. Our deepest desire is finally fulfilled. Our deepest need is finally met.

Once you truly desire to love everyone, just as Christ did, then you will be able to connect with Christ’s love. Once you get to a place where you are ready to stop suffering, and experience profound love, you will feel Christ’s love.

You will connect with our God, The God of Love, when you want to live in love.

You may think that you don’t want to suffer, but upon closer inspection, you will find that you are addicted to suffering so deeply, that you keep choosing it again and again. You are comfortable with pain. You feel normal when you are in pain. The deep wounds rended in childhood made pain your “normal”, and since then you have feared entering back into love, because you have known betrayal. Everywhere you have looked for love has led to more pain. The atheist world has taught you that the fact there are so many religions means that there is not truth in any of them. That choosing any religion would be arbitrary, so don’t even try.

Let me tell you, there is a God, and Love is the source.

If you want to soar with the angels, filled with Love, then you must live as an angel does. The angels sing praises to the source of life. The angels rejoice in the infinite love of God. The angels never tire of worshipping God. The angels are loved by God. What more love could an angel need than the Love of God? Do you think the angels could ever act out of pain, creating hate, anger, resentment, jealousy, or any other negative state when they are in a mutual relationship with the God of Love? You can become an angel if you truly desire it.

When you turn to God, you are fulfilled. Never again will you need a frail human to save your broken heart.

So to answer the question, “why do my relationships always fail”, it is because you have sought the love of God, but in ignorance sought it in a flawed human being.

How do I fix my broken relationships?

  • Choose love
  • Desire to be as Christ is
  • Patiently observe how you create suffering
  • Wonder at Christ’s infinite commitment to love
  • Praise Christ for His merciful Love
  • Worship God for His infinite Love
  • Experience the beautiful rewards of true faith
  • Praise
  • Worship
  • Experience the deepening connection

God will take care of your life, including your relationships.

Once you stop seeking fulfilment in human love, and stop trying to change people to be what you think they should be, then all relationships will resolve themselves in God’s perfection. With your gaze fixed on God, all will be healed. God will lead you to the light. Jesus Christ has saved us from the darkness.

He is waiting for you to turn to the Truth of His Way so that you may be filled with Life.

May you go in peace.

How to relieve shame

Jesus’ voice is the voice of your conscience.

Your conscience is the voice that tells you what is right. As such, there is not a shred of anger in true testimony. It is pure in its perfection, and withstands all investigation. When you stand and speak honest words with no agenda, then you are speaking the words of the Lord.

No anger. No hate. Just true, honest, caring words. These are the words of Christ.

In this way, we can also know how to speak with Christ. When your death comes and you stand before Christ, you will know that He has perfect knowledge of your past and present self. Most people find this thought to be terrifying because they have so much shame. Yet delaying this conversation does nothing to resolve this fear of the impending future. We are like little children sneaking cookies from the cookie jar; our heavenly Father sees all.

Why wait for death to have an honest conversation with Christ?

We can have this honest conversation today! We can go to Christ right now. We can kneel before Him and pour out our honest truth, sharing all our fear and shame with Him. In this outpouring of honest truth, we can face our fear of death through the knowledge that God can end our lives right now in judgement of our souls. By testifying our absolute truth, we sacrifice our lives to the mercy of Christ. We can declare to Jesus, right now, “This is what I am hiding. This is what I have been afraid of.” When we do this, we are speaking to Christ. So get down on your knees and declare:

Prayer of testimony

I testify today that I _________________ and I have been so afraid to tell you that. As I share this with you, I feel like a part of me is dying, but I know deep down that I will have to testify this truth to you one day, so I choose today. I choose today to testify to you, Christ Jesus. I know I am still a coward, afraid to speak my whole truth, but today I choose to take this terrifying step. I am testifying my truth to you, Christ Jesus, because that is what You want me to do. I choose to testify the honest truth which burdens me with shame, and I accept Your perfect judgement in return. I fall at Your feet and beg for Your mercy, oh infinite Lord. I want nothing more than to be in Your righteous presence, and I desire to be more like You with all my heart. Please forgive me for my sins., for I am weak, and You are mighty. Hallelujah Lord, You are almighty.

I hope this prayer helps you to experience the love of Christ in your heart, because His love and mercy is infinite.

Live your honest truth today. Testify to Jesus Christ.

Need suggestions for what to tell Christ? Share times when you have lied, stolen, cheated, or been violent, selfish, hateful, jealous. Tell Him about abusing your body, or indulging in degrading sexual practices. Anything you would prefer no one knows, anything you feel shame about, tell Jesus. He already knows, but He wants you to come to Him and share your feelings about it with Him. He wants you to cast your burdens on Him, He wants you to be freed from shame. He wants to lead you to lead a joyful life with a pure heart. You will feel His love in your heart. It’s not mental, it’s visceral.

To the men who destroyed my life

Instead of sending this in a private email, where it would likely fall on deaf ears, I have chosen to share it publicly. I contemplated whether or not to publish it from the perspective of “do unto others you would have them do unto you”. I decided that, given the intention of this letter is to show that I have overcome my hatred for these people, I would be OK with such a letter being published by them about me.

Dear company owners,

I am writing to you to reconcile any bad feelings between us, although I understand that you may not have known they existed.

I dedicated 7 years of my life to building a family business with my Mother and [Mr Redacted], and I endured some of the worst hardships imaginable to make it a success, including prostituting myself to survive when [Mr Redacted] would not pay me for my work. I did these things to make the company a success, with the deepest love for my family, my country, and our planet in my heart.

So when it announced to me that you had purchased half the company without [Mr Redacted] discussing it with me, I was deeply hurt and shocked. My world was turned upside down as [Mr Redacted] seemingly lost all memory of my sacrifices and hard work immediately after signing off on the deal, which made him 50/50 owner with you. When I spoke to [Mr Redacted] about it, he was indignant that I believed I deserved any say or share in the company. In fact, [Mr Redacted] appeared to sincerely believe I had no part in the success of the company, and thus genuinely believed I deserved no part of it. This was only the beginning though, as [Mr Redacted] then hired his family members to work for him, in my house, while he lived a great distance away. I was supposed to train them, but I was also told I had no authority to instruct them. These family members immediately turned on me with a tsunami of lies and false accusations that drowned me in sorrow and confusion, before sweeping away everything I had without mercy.

I was left with nothing.

Much time passed, then months of heated discussions ensued where I tried everything I could to reason with [Mr Redacted]. Eventually, he finally conceded to give me a small piece of the pie, but it was now too late. Soon after, I began discussions with you about selling my little pie piece, given I no longer had the life-long career I had envisioned laid out before me. All I could hope for now was some money to start a new life, but as we both know, that was not to be.

Throughout this time, I grew to hate you both.

While I had strong feelings towards [Mr Redacted] stemming from the immense betrayal, I also had hateful feelings towards you. Why? I hated that you never took the time to get to know me, that you had no interest in what I had done for the company or my vision for a vibrant and successful future. I was angry that you never knew how hard I always fought to keep costs low, to keep staff to a minimum through implementing automation, and my passion for creating an amazing workplace full of joyful and happy people. It broke my heart that behind the scenes you heard so much gossip of lies, and that you conspired in secret to destroy all of the computer systems I had implemented for no logical reason, because you were unaware of the reality of who I was, what I did and what potential I had to offer. I was angry that you adamantly refused to invest in any marketing when I had shown you hard evidence that every dollar spent returned on investment. Even after I lost everything, each message I sent you replied to with lies, which left me feeling that there was no way to know what your true intentions are, or honestly ever were.

The overwhelming, powerless, directionless rage tore me to shreds, and I was losing all hope.

So I was left to live in an empty rotting shack, with nothing but [partner], my dogs and cat. Back at square one. Penniless. My heart broken by the total betrayal of everyone in my life, while I had done none of the things I was accused of. Yet, there was a glimmer of hope on my horizon. I still had a shred of faith that had led me to this place, so I couldn’t fold over and die just yet.

With trepidation, I discovered that my new neighbours were kind people who wanted a friendship with me. I slowly started to discover that there were people who could actually see me for who I am. Through these kind encounters I started to believe in myself, and my goodness and kindness, again. I slowly started to believe that I do deserve to live, and that I am not all the despicable things people had labelled me as. So I prayed, and I meditated, and I prayed some more. I waited patiently with faith until Christ finally came to me. And come to me He did.

What a beautiful blessing it is to be reborn in Christ.

Now I am so thankful for my agonising journey through Hell, because I am so incredibly happy in my life now. I feel abundantly blessed by riches beyond belief. God has shown me that I am deeply loved by Him. In fact, God has shown me that He loves everyone with a profound love so transcendent that it swells my heart until tears flow from my eyes. And none of this would have happened if you had not come into my life.

So I am sending you this message with great thanks. Thank you for all the pain and suffering you wrought on my life and heart. Thank you so much for all you did. I know that you are not bad people, and I know that you probably did not intend to inflict such deep suffering on me, but that is moot. I am thankful for it all. You can do what you want with the company. If you want to watch it die, then so be it. It doesn’t matter to me. I am free. I have the love of God in my heart, and no amount of money could ever buy such a blessing, nor take it from me.

Thank you for it all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am free.

Help! I want to kill myself!

Suicidal? Scroll down to get straight to the advice.

For years, in my darkest moments, I would type those words into a search engine. Every time, the same advice would come up, no matter what website I opened. I am sure if you have found this page, you have already read the standard advice from Google’s first results page, and so I won’t relay it to you here. Much of it is helpful in theory, or helpful for people who are moderately depressed. However, none of it helps in a suicide crisis. When I was ready to kill myself, I just wanted a technique to avoid killing myself, but there was nothing. No peer support chats helped, and the last resort, a suicide helpline, was always someone trying to get me to promise not to kill myself and see a doctor the next day so they could get me off the phone as fast as possible. There was simply no help to be found. In my despair, I vowed to try everything I could to find ways to cope when I want to kill myself, and then share them with you.

This is what to do when you want to kill yourself.

I have successfully used every one of these techniques during a suicidal crisis. Not every suggestion will work for you, so please read every one before leaving the page, it could save your life and give you a better tomorrow.

It’s OK to be suicidal for a long time.

There is no rush to kill yourself. Just because you have wanted to kill yourself for weeks, months, or years, that doesn’t mean you are weak, it actually means you are strong. There is no shame in waiting for another day to end your life, or waiting for another “final straw”. There is no shame in not having a reason to live, or it taking time to find one.

Your painful feelings cannot kill you.

Even though it is pure agony in your chest, a misery that feels like a sword being driven through your heart, it’s helpful to remember that feelings cannot kill you. Only the harmful things you choose to do to your body can kill you. Even though the emotional pain is excruciating, you can survive the pain. You have already survived the pain up until now, and you can feel proud of that accomplishment.

Get away from the cause of your pain.

If a certain person or place is the main cause of your pain, try to leave permanently as soon as possible. If you can leave the situation that is causing your misery, you must try to do it before killing yourself. Even if it is scary and you don’t know what will happen, do it anyway, because at least it gives you a chance at a new life. Suicide removes any possibility for improvement, which can happen in almost every circumstance. Suicide prevents you having any options, but keeping on living means you still have suicide as an option for later. You can always kill yourself tomorrow, so why not try a few more things before you head out forever?

Speak your mind aloud.

Right now I am certain that you have a lot of painful thoughts rushing through your mind. The experience of this inner monologue is torture. However, when you speak your thoughts out loud, they are not as agonising. The reason why speaking your thoughts out loud is less traumatising is because when you can hear them with your ears, and you actually have to finish each sentence. This prevents any overlapping thoughts or multiple thought streams from overwhelming you. You can spend hours or days doing this if you need to. It is best to do this alone because other people might say hurtful or triggering things.

Revert to an infant state.

Most of our suffering comes from the painful experiences associated with growing up or being an adult. The world inflicts so much pain on us, and at some point it just becomes too much to bear. Because we are in a “grown up” body living a “grown up” life means we assume that we have to deal with our problems “like an adult”. However, there is no rule that says we have to look and act like an adult all the time, even in the privacy of our own bedrooms. So wrap yourself in a blanket, grab a teddy, a glass of milk and cookies, and put on a baby cartoon or nursery rhymes. Let your mind relax into this innocent state, and tell yourself that you are “never going to be an adult again” and that “it’s better to be taken into care than to be dead”. However, chances are that after you spend a while free from the mental stress of being an adult, you will feel safe to get back up and tackle something, even if it’s something as small as getting a snack or having a wash.

Hide in a safe space.

The world can feel like it is attacking you from all angles, and it seems like there is no escape from it. In times like this, animals seek shelter in small, dark places away from danger. Our human minds are not all that different, so it can be surprisingly helpful to do the same. Find a small dark place in your house, such as a cupboard. Grabs a few pillows and a blanket, climb inside, and relax in feeling hidden and safe. If it helps, you can decide that you are “never coming out”. 

“Die” right now.

Everyone knows how hard cravings are, and most of us give into our cravings. One of the excruciating things about feeling suicidal is the experience of desperately wanting to do something you cannot do. It is one of the only things that humans can crave but cannot indulge, because once it is done, it cannot be undone. As the craving for suicide cannot be quenched, the insatiable craving adds to the suffering. However, you can experience the next best thing: Go to your couch, your bed, or even the floor. Lie down, and “die” there. In your imagination, picture that you have finally completed whatever suicide method you have been craving, and now you are lying there “dead”. You are finally at peace. Whenever your imagination goes back the thoughts that make you suicidal, you can tell yourself, “well, there’s nothing I can do about it now, I am already dead” or “that can’t hurt me any more, because I am dead” or “that’s no longer my responsibility, because I am dead” or whatever is suitable for your situation. Lay there for as long as you need to be “dead” for. If you need to lay there for days, so what. You have retained the chance at a new life, and that is much better than removing that chance from yourself.

Go for a walk in nature and decide to “never return”.

If “dying” at home is not suitable for your situation, take it outside into nature. Gather some supplies, and head out into the woods. Once you find a good spot, repeat the process above. Lay down and “die”, imagining that you have completed the suicide method that you desperately crave. The peace of nature will help you to connect with yourself and the realities of mortality. After a while spent in contemplation, you will probably want to return to the comfort of your house, and take with you a fresh perspective.

Look at videos of death.

When thinking about suicide, you are probably imagining very specific methods of doing so. This fantasy, like all thoughts, isn’t really an accurate representation of what it would be like to actually experience it. The fantasy is probably quite painless, quick, and certainly doesn’t go wrong. However, the chances are that the method in your mind would be much more traumatic than you realise, and could very well go wrong. In order to really see how such suicide methods play out, you can a watch videos of people’s death online. On websites such as liveleak (and other sites that can be found with some basic searching) footage of your desired method can be seen. When you see the reality in all its raw clarity, the desire to actually do the same thing yourself is going to be reduced. The reality of death just isn’t how you imagined it. Our society is very sheltered from death, so facing the reality of it can be sobering.

The reason to wait until tomorrow. 

Out of the darkness of suffering, hope can emerge. I was self-harming from age 5, and suicidal from age 14 to 30, but now I am at peace, full of joy, and I have hope for the future. I promise you that, if you want to, you can transmute your suffering into enlightenment. This misery you are experiencing can be the foundation upon which you build deep wisdom. Hold on to that vision for yourself. You can be someone who is strong, capable, and wise, it is a real possibility for you. Let that vision keep you going when you are in your darkest days, remembering that your suffering has a greater purpose which you will understand one day. If you keep seeking after that Truth, you will find it.

Remember, it is always darkest before dawn, and when you are going through Hell, keep going. 

I love you. 
Life can change in an instant.

How to have empathy for your enemies

What a title! Is such a thing possible? How could you have empathy for your enemies? Let’s start with their mental suffering. They are in a state of anger, hate, judgement, self-righteousness, bitterness, selfishness, and ignorance. Those are all horrible mental states to be in. Anyone living in those states is unhappy. Even though they have used their suffering as a weapon to hurt you, or even destroy your life as you knew it, they have derived no joy from that.

They may have a short-lived sense of sick satisfaction, or schadenfreude, but those feelings are not nourishing to their hearts.

To really contemplate their lived reality is to find empathy. Even the billionaires of the world, many of which have twisted and terrifying faces formed by years of hate and bitterness, are deserving of our prayers. They are surrounded by infinite luxuries, the power to end world hunger, solve global environmental crises, treat millions of people’s diseases, and spread a joy that would echo throughout history, yet their twisted hearts are so agonisingly painful that they choose to bomb the innocent, poison the oceans, and starve their fellow humans to death.

What misery it must be to be a billionaire! My heart truly aches for their pain.

Now, if you have not seen near death experience videos, you need to take a look at these channels:

Beyond Death

Supernatural Stories

JeffMara Podcast

Heaven Awaits

Almost Gone

JeffMara NDE Clips

Strange Stories

Afterlife TV

Shaman Oaks

With the knowledge that life continues after death, and may well contain a very painful life review where you will judge yourself honestly without any ego defences to protect you from the Truth, we can begin to have empathy for our worst enemies. Think of the dictators and globally powerful figures; they have caused horrific suffering on millions, if not billions, of people through their actions. They are going to be spiritually crushed under the weight of the suffering they will experience during their life review. They will be as exposed and vulnerable as a baby when they stand before God as He asks them why they made each diabolical choice. Why did you choose to poison millions of people for money? Why did you choose to starve millions to death for power? God may even show the dictator every person’s painful story, one by one.

They will stand before God, experiencing all the suffering each person endured as a result of their heartless and selfish actions.

So it is with the enemies in your personal life. Your father who beat you will experience all the agony you felt, and be asked to justify it to God. Your co-worker who destroyed your career to get ahead will see you weeping as blood pours from the razor cuts on your wrists. The doctor who cast you out as a liar will see you twisting in agony for year upon year, wailing in hopeless isolation.

Their souls are destined to experience an agonising burden.

This is not something to rejoice in, it is something to fall on your knees in empathetic prayer for. These souls are lost, hurting right now, and destined to hurt into eternity until they choose to change. No one can help them, no one can change them, and no one can awaken them but themselves. They must hurt, and then hurt some more, until they can see the way towards the light of freedom and peace.

If this doesn’t give you the ache of empathy in your heart, then you will experience more pain in your life until you do.

May God bless and keep you until you turn towards His loving glory.