Tao Te Ching Addendum

This following was transcribed from an audio recording I made during deep meditation.

With pain, I am numb.
With sound, I am deaf.
With sight I am blind.
With time, I am finite.
With love, I can hate.
With pain, I’m alone.
With words, I am misunderstood.

With words come confusion.
With peace comes war.

What is there to fight?
Where is there to go?
When should we be?

Such delicate expressions, so fragile.
Burning to their fullest. 
What would be a full expression?
To live to the edge? 
To watch it burn its brightest? 
Not holding back something for tomorrow? 
Unchanged by yesterday? 
Let it be, this, as it is.
The fullest expression of itself.

As I skip across the pages of reality,
And say words that mean nothing,
Let us melt into oneness with each other.
Let us accept everything as it is.
Let us be whole, as we see ourselves unwhole.
Let us be wise, with nothing in our mind.
Let us know, without knowledge.
Let us love, without having.
Let us be, without anything.
Let us live, without death.

There is only an end, if there is a start, and a start without an end. 
No time, without the timeless.
No sense of place, without being lost.
No self, without everything else.
Let us be, and that is enough.
Let us know nothing.

There’s a time for love, and a time for blindness.
There’s a time for pain, and a time for comfort.
A time for brightness, and a time for nothingness.
A time for rain, and a time for clear skies.
A time for the outside, and a time for the in.
A time for warmth, and a time for the cold.
A time for introspection, and a time for forgetting.
A time for pressure, and a time for release.
A time for broken and a time for fixed.
A time to be frustrated, and a time for peace.

Boredom, fascination; it is all OK.
It is all one, it is all needed, it is all here.
Its value is equal.
It is either one or zero. One, or nothing.
It is on, or it is off; it is not one.
Just the pure beauty of oneness,
And wonderousness of it all is ever present,
Always here for you right now.
This place of infinite, foreverness. 
In-fin-ite possibilities.
You swim in it as it washes over you.
You just let it be.

Where would you go, when you don’t know where you are?
Where would you run to, if you’re always lost?
All you’ve ever been is lost.
There is nowhere to run to,
and nothing to run from.
Forever lost? 
Forever at home.

The nonsense you hear makes perfect sense.
The alignment you fear is the only side.
We can’t have one without the other.
You fight the other, or be both.
In both, you are neither.

In simplicity, there is truth.
In simplicity, there is nothing.
In looking, you become lost.
In owning, you have nothing.
In seeking, you will never find.
In hoping, you find fear.
In releasing, you are at peace.

In love, there is hate.
In light, there is dark.
In more, there is less.
In reaching, there is receding.
In withdrawing, there is attack.
With resistance, there is onslaught.
In grabbing, there is resistance.
In knowing, there is ignorance.
In simplicity, there is eternal complexity.
In pain, there is comfort.
In the forever, there is now.
In nonsense, there is sense.
In blindness, there is sight.
In colours, there is light.
In darkness, there is pain.

In life; light and dark are one.
It is all the Tao, it is all one, it is all OK.
Those who fight the OK, are OK.
Those who fight for OK, need to simply put down their weapons.
Those that once resisted your fight to make them OK, will be free to be OK.
Let it all be OK, for it is, and always has been, and always shall be.
Every cry, let it be.
I do not resist, or question.
It is.
If it is, then it must be OK.
For how could it be, and not be OK?
Through the lens of human judgement only.
Through the lens of an eternal experience of infinite possibilities,
It is merely an obvious function,
An inevitable outcome of the infinite.
Every question you ask has its answer built into it.
For infinity, creates infinite.
Let it be infinite.
Let your piece be the piece that it is,
For it is the piece that you have.

I am not the vessel, I wish this message reaches you.
The vessel focuses the message,
Filters the message through to you.
For it is not the vessel that speaks.
It is beyond. It is outside, it is within.
It is everyone, it is you.
Its everything, and therefore nothing.
It is all of it, being and non-being, the black and the white and the sounds and the silence.
The wisdom, the Universe, the emptiness. Absolute completion.
The infinite manifest. Never to be tied down, Forever contained.
In-fin-ite wisdom.
Emptiness flows.

The I does not want to package the infinite.
The I doesn’t want this life to be pieced; 
To wrap it up in a bow for you.
The I doesn’t want to take a chunk out of it.
Take its separateness and strip it away and hold it as ‘mine’.
Its dead, and causes pain.
Now you can judge me for that piece? 
The I separate from the all?
The chunk separate from infinite wisdom?
To be judged right or wrong?
To be taken by you as true or false?
To be a representation of you or your enemy?
This piece; this piece of the infinite that is never disconnected from infinity cannot be thrust into duality.
Let the I slip away.
See through.
Dissolve into this moment forever.
Only with time are you finite.
Here, you are forever.
Let me hold your hand.
Hold the hand of eternity.
Millions of you, hold my hand, as though they are here alone.
You are with me.

As I become you, I find myself.
As I wash away, I come home.
As I dissolve, I am formed.
As I am known, I am unknown.
As I whisper, I shout.
As I am clear, I sound confused.
I seem lost when I have found the way.
I seem trapped when I am free.
When I am in pain, I am at peace.
In peace there is pain.
The infinite transcends these dualities.
The infinite Tao transcends all things.
Let it be.
Let it be.
Let it be.
Let it be.

You fight to take tomorrow, and you’ll lose today.
In wanting, you’ll have nothing.
In feeling, you are numb.
There is one, and it exists within zero.
It is one, or everything.
It is one, or it is nothing.
It is separate, it is separately a part of this infinity, infinitely.
In holding, I am weak.
In allowing, there is peace.
In seeking, you are lost.
The light shines through you.
It cannot be stopped, except for when it stops.
In the infinite, it is and it isn’t,
For how else could it be infinite?
It is both nonsense and pure sense,
Without logic, and logic itself.

You are time, as is timeless.
My speech may be silent, but I am heard.


What does curing disease mean?

I proclaim to have healed my own chronic illnesses, and I believe that others can do the same. What do I mean by this? How do we know if we have healed or cured disease? How does it happen?

Curing disease means that symptoms of illness are no longer present.

This means that if you were to visit a medical doctor, they would no longer find any signs of illness that they can diagnose.

Some things cannot be cured. These are usually conditions that people are born with, such as Down’s Syndrome, Primordial Dwarfism, or Congenital Blindness.

However, most conditions develop over our lifetime, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. There are two ways in which this can occur:

  1. Substances cause your body to be unable to function properly, and your continued exposure prevents your body from healing.
  2. Substances cause immediate problems that don’t resolve because you continue to be exposed to the substance.

Therefore, if you want to resolve these conditions, you must identify and remove these illness-causing substances.

Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

To do this, the easiest option is an elimination diet. This approach uses foods which are the least allergenic and most nutrient dense, and removes all the others until illness subsides. You should also remove all unnecessary chemicals, such as fragranced body care, air fresheners, and cleaners.

The safest foods for healing are animal foods.

Plants use a variety of chemical defences to prevent being eaten by insects and animals. These chemicals can cause all sorts of problems in the body. Other foods are totally man-made, such as vegetable oil and processed foods. Vegetable oils are the number one cause of modern diseases, so even just removing them from your diet will improve health.

Now you are no longer consuming problematic foods or exposing yourself to synthetic chemicals, your body can start to function properly again. After a few months, you will be able to try reintroducing certain foods and substances, and discover whether they are problematic for you. You can retain your optimal health from this point forward.

Would you like tailored advice to help you heal?

Photo by Kristya Nugraha on Pexels.com

What happened to HempNZ?

Do you want to know what happened to Hemp Farm NZ? I would love to tell you every excruciating detail, but I am afraid that I will be sued for speaking out.

However, I will say that I was fired in 2018 without cause. Yet my image continues to exist on the website as if nothing happened. In fact, my mother and stepfather, the other company founders, have also been given the boot by the real estate investors who bought into the company (without my involvement). Today it still appears as though HempFarm is being run by me and my family, the founders, but we are blocked from having any involvement at all. I wish they would stop using our image to sell a rosey story that’s just not true.

What breaks my heart the most is knowing all of the customers, the beloved people whom I came to know over the 7 years I spent growing the company, have been completely abandoned with no knowledge of what happened. It hurts to know that the investors have no care for the HempFarm brand or retail customers (they only care about bulk deals). It was the support from our customers that made the company a success and supported the legalisation of hemp foods in New Zealand. It literally wouldn’t exist without them!

Until the company was sold to the real estate investors without my knowledge, I had been working to bring the vision of a cooperative business to fruition. The dream was that every customer would be able to own micro shares of the company. That way HempFarm would be truly owned by the people, not a corporation. The MyHempFarm brand represented this concept, and the HempFarm Dollars that were earned with each purchase were supposed to become available to be converted to micro shares. That is all gone now.

Even though I was responsible for developing the branding, packaging, marketing, websites, and all other digital infrastructure, I earned zero dollars for the first 6 years, suffering to make the “family business” a success, including selling my body on one occasion to make ends meet. Eventually my stepdad conceded to pay me $250 per week. I received no equity, only promises.

Eventually, a few months before being fired, I was given a $60k salary, as were the two newly hired ladies who were tasked with taking orders over the phone (which they were incapable of doing, so blamed me for “sabotaging” them).

I had recently moved out my home and into a commercial building, because all but one room of my home was full of stock and business equipment. Prior to being fired, I was evicted from the commercial property, and made homeless. So I lived in a storage unit while setting up the new commercial building, then after it was done, I was fired.

I now have no money and no career. While I did manage to get a tiny portion of the company put in my name after much fighting (about 4%), I can’t do anything with it.

I lost it all, and there was nothing I could do about it. I tried everything to prevent it from happening, but I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Evil filled the hearts of everyone involved, and I became the sacrifice. I wish I could say that I deserved it, because then it would make sense, but I genuinely did nothing wrong.

I may have lost almost everything worldly, but God is most loving and merciful. I walked in darkness for 2 years after this event, but through a beautiful miracle I gained Christ! On January 2nd 2022, He appeared to me in person as a glowing vision of perfection, and taught me the most powerful lessons of my life.

I can stand in full confidence before God and say that I did nothing wrong at HempFarm. I did not retaliate or abuse anyone, despite the appalling treatment I received from most of those working there. Even though I did not know Christ as everything fell apart, I refused to throw hate and anger back at those giving it to me.

Through it all, I desperately wanted a role model, and now I have the greatest of all in Jesus Christ. He is the most perfect, loving, compassionate and forgiving person of all time; totally innocent. Yet He was hated, tortured and crucified. Luckily, my suffering pales in comparison to His, but I am so grateful to have a loving savior, God, who understands what it means to be an innocent victim.

I am so grateful for Jesus Christ. He is my everything. I thank Him for being there for me when I didn’t even know it. I am now actually grateful for my suffering, because it has transformed me and brought me to Christ. My life is full of joy, love, meaning, and greatest of all, I finally have value, because Jesus will never leave me and never forsake me.

Jesus loves me so much that He suffered and died to have me with Him! What more could I ever want?

So if all seems hopeless, then fear not! Hold on tight, because you are about to discover what really matters.

Logical proof that Jesus Christ is Truth

What I have to share with you today may be new in its phrasing, but I hope that it will make perfect sense.

I will start with the most basic of logical and mathematical proofs.

1 = 1

This simple equation does not need explanation beyond understanding that it is a true statement, because the value on either side of the equation is the same.

Another way to say this would be:

1 is 1

Okay. So let’s look at the statement:

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

This could be written as:

Jesus = the Way = the Truth = the Life

Each of these things are as equal as saying:

1 = 1 = 1 = 1

This is, in my opinion, the key to understanding Jesus, but it would take more time than we have today.

Therefore, let’s just look at this statement:

Jesus is Truth

This means that Jesus and Truth are indistinguishable from each other.

So, when we decide to be a Christian, we are agreeing to the statement:

Giving my life to Christ = Giving my life to Truth

What does it mean to “give your life”? Taken to it’s fullest logical conclusion:

Giving your life = Willing to die

And so

Willing to die for Christ = Willing to die for Truth

So, how do you die for Truth?

Well, we can state that

Physical suicide = Self murder

As murder is a mortal sin, we can be sure that Christ is not requesting a physical suicide.

However, there is a false self that can be killed without your physical Christian life coming to an end. This false self is called the ego. The ego is the favorable persona that you have fabricated through deception for your benefit. You use it to appear better to others, but also, more insidiously, to appear better in your own opinion of yourself.

This dangerous deception is at the heart of most evils in this world. Strengthening the ego is the most powerful weapon in Satan’s diabolical tool box, precisely because it feels so good while being almost imperceptible.

It is only possible to notice the deception at work through careful and diligent practice of stilling the mind so completely that your awareness becomes able to witness the arrival of such deceiving thoughts.

However, Christ is most merciful and loving, and knows how challenging such an undertaking is. So He has provided us with a much simpler and more direct way to purity, and that is through giving your life to Him, the Truth.

By speaking Truth, you will kill your ego, because you will no longer be able to use deception as a shield. You will no longer use deception to hide from consequences of the Truth.

So this means that:

Dying for the Truth = Living for the Truth

Because you have chosen to kill the self that loves deception so that you can live for the Truth.

When you choose this, you manifest:

Truth within you and Truth external to you = Christ within you and Christ external you

We must do this, because God is Truth, so deception by definition goes against God. When you use your free will to choose deception over truth, you are rejecting God. This rejection of Truth separates you from God.

This is probably quite a frightful prospect, as it is calling you to live with the transparency of air, yet we must remember that:

Trusting Truth = Trusting Jesus

Which also means that

Fear of Truth = Fear of Jesus

But as 2nd Timothy 1:7 says “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

So we must not be afraid of the Truth any more than we should fear our loving Heavenly Father and eternal saviour, Jesus Christ.

For Christ promises not to forsake those who love him, trust him, follow him, and speak His name, be it Jesus, Yeshua, or Truth.

So Christ will not forsake those who love truth, trust truth, follow truth, and speak truth.

So while it may fill your heart with terror to pledge to live and die for truth, just remember that Christ is truth, and He promises that He will never abandon those who love Him, the Truth.

So today, I ask you to lay your life down for the Truth. I ask you to have faith that you will be saved no matter where the path of Truth leads, because Christ is Truth, and if He will not fail you, than neither will the Truth.

Thank you. AMEN.

It feels like remembering

The reason why it feels different to believe in Jesus, meditate on Jesus, or sing praises to Jesus, compared to other secular variations of those things, is because you actually remember Jesus. The feeling you are experiencing is similar to the feeling you experience when you remember a loved one. You can’t see the person you are remembering as clearly as if they were standing in front of you, but you do feel “in touch” with them.

Jesus exists as a deep core knowing within each soul.

This explains why people know Jesus without being told during NDEs. The memory of Jesus is always with us, and the living Jesus exists transcendent of time and space, so when we remember Him, He knows we are thinking about Him and can respond. Jesus may connect with us more strongly, or send us messages, or use any other form of communication when we remember Him.

Remembering Jesus is the same a focusing on Jesus. The clearer Jesus is remembered, the clearer your focus on Him. As Jesus transcends time and space, He can communicate with you whenever you focus on Him.

I don’t know how it works, but I gain new understanding when I focus on Jesus, the Truth. Perhaps Jesus is giving me new understanding, or perhaps I am remembering previous knowledge Jesus gave me, or maybe it is totally different than that. All I know is that it feels different to all other spiritual practices that I have tried. It feels like remembering.