Spiritual Belief Evolution

I am seeking the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

In this pursuit, total honesty with myself is required. In order to find the Way, the Truth, and the Life, I will be recording my beliefs on my journey to cleanse my vision and see nothing but the light.

The following statements of belief do not mean I reject other ideas as possible. Many claims about God, Christ, Jesus or other aspects of faith may be true, but right now I either don’t believe them, or I failed to mention it. 

I believe that sincerity leads to truth.

So in order to find Truth, I must be honest with myself. Even if it would be more comfortable to claim certain beliefs for various reasons, being completely honest about what I really believe will bring me closer to Truth, because I am not accepting anything because I “should”, because I want to fit in, or because it comes as a “package deal”. Honesty allows me to consider my actual beliefs more closely. I also believe that our understanding and explanations are only true for the level of consciousness they are understood within.

The reasons for my beliefs are near-death testimonies, personal revelations and experiences, intuition, reading and applying various philosophies, prayer, meditation, and the Bible.

My beliefs as of 6th April 2022:


  • God exists.
  • God is the ultimate creator of all, unfathomable to us in their entirety.
  • God created our living souls, which are experiencing a human life.
  • I am loved and treasured by God as their precious child.
  • There is nothing I could ever do that would stop God from loving me, because if I could, it would mean that I have the power to control God.
  • God is not like a human parent, teacher, leader, or dictator, who act from ego and lies.
  • God is testing our spirits, through witnessing our responses to everything.
  • At the deepest, most incomprehensible level, we are infinitely connected to God.
  • We don’t need to focus on God’s judgement or wrath, because focus on His infinite love is enough to heal us from anything that could be deserving of any wrath.


  • Christ, our heavenly Father, exists.
  • Christ, our heavenly Father, loves and accepts everyone with profound unfathomable love, no matter who they are or what they have done.
  • Christ forever dwells in Heaven and the unseen realm, unbounded by space and time.
  • Christ is truly worthy of praise, for He is truly perfect.
  • Christ is distinct from God but, like all of us, He is connected to God.
  • Christ can be described as God’s avatar.
  • God came in the flesh, as Jesus, to experience the suffering of the world so that He may have perfect compassion for all beings.
  • Christ, our heavenly Father, is waiting to lead us to God through His salvation.
  • From Christ’s Perfect Truth comes His Perfect Compassion, which births His Perfect Forgiveness. This is the expression of His Perfect Love.
  • If you come to Christ in humble submission to his awe-inspiring Goodness and Grace, desiring to live as Him with His infinite Compassion and Forgiveness flowing through your heart, then He will fill you with His perfect Love and you will know Him.
  • When you give your life to Christ in earnest, you are reborn in Him.
  • We must love like Christ loved. When we love like Him, His perfect Love will flow through our hearts.
  • The perfect Love of Christ is experienced as a profound and undeniably different feeling of love unlike any previous experience of love.
  • Through trusting Christ, He reveals Truth, which leads to deepening the experience of His perfect love and compassion.
  • Christ, our Heavenly Father, can communicate directly with faithful and sincere seekers through intimate communication with their hearts.
  • The church of Christ exists in each believer, who, upon looking at the gentle lamb hanging unjustly on the cross, decides to take up His cross and pledges to live His Way so that through His death untold millions become dedicated to living His Way.
  • Christ is the infinite spirit of Jesus, who lived in human form on Earth.
  • Christ stands between us and God on our day of judgement, and He shields us from God’s wrath.
  • Christ releases us from the web of karma and karmic rebirth through forgiveness of our sins, by taking all the karma we are due on Himself through His crucifixion.


  • Jesus was the human avatar of God, sent to show us the Way home to Heaven, and to create a connection of compassion between us and God.
  • Jesus was the most amazing person who ever lived. He was everything we wish we could be in our deepest desire: kind, gentle, patient, compassionate, honest, selfless, forgiving, wise, loving, humble and more.
  • Jesus lived the perfect life before being crucified.
  • In His death, Jesus showed total submission to the will of God, and total commitment to compassion in His heart.


  • A heavenly place exists. 
  • In heaven are all the beings we have loved and who love us back.
  • Heaven is incomprehensibly beautiful, permeated with infinite love and glory. 

The Bible

  • The Bible has Heavenly wisdom that Christ can reveal to us through giving us new vision.
  • No single human can claim to have a completely correct interpretation of the Bible.
  • We don’t have the perfect True interpretation of the Bible, and fighting over it or using it as a weapon separates us from Christ’s perfect love.
  • Revelations from God continue today.
  • Every copy of The Bible could be destroyed, and we could still come to know God, because God is the ultimate creator of all things.