I give my life to Christ

Do you want to know how it feels to give your life to Christ? Read the testimony below and feel the power of Christ flow through your heart. The following was written while listening to the song “It Is Well”, performed by Kristene DiMarco. Please consider playing it while you read. I believe He isContinue reading “I give my life to Christ”

He is why I used to love myself

He is why I had love for myself as a child.He is why I had such confidence in joy as a child.His love in Heaven is just and perfect, and He loved me. Then I came to the fallen world. People could not see me, and they judged me wrongly.The people of this world, whoContinue reading “He is why I used to love myself”

Can You Walk The Simple Path To Truth?

We all want to know the Truth. We want it now, and we want it easily. Truth is simple, but it is vast and complex. Existing within time means that you must journey through time on your quest to understand Truth, but what you will find will be pure simplicity. Yet to comprehend the vastnessContinue reading “Can You Walk The Simple Path To Truth?”

Hallelujah! Death is overcome!

I pledge I will never kill myself, God.From that pledge, I ask You, Jesus Christ, to lead me to Heaven.I have seen and heard evidence of You, Jesus Christ, and I believe in those evidences,I believe that You, Jesus Christ, love me.I believe that You, Jesus Christ, want me.I believe that You, Jesus Christ, haveContinue reading “Hallelujah! Death is overcome!”

Overcome Suicide Ideation

I started self-harming at around age 5, and I wanted to die from around age 15. I was born in 1986, so it has been an ever-present inner turmoil. I went through the logical phases of trying to solve this deep pain. Trying to resolve the external causes of my suffering at the start, andContinue reading “Overcome Suicide Ideation”

Weeping For Love

Yesterday I found myself weeping on the phone to my mother about a man I have never met. A person I have followed on social media for ten years. I love him so much. My heart aches with so much love for him that it made me fall down on my knees and cry. IContinue reading “Weeping For Love”

Praise In The Park

The Global Gathering For Peace All people are welcome to join this spontaneous gathering in parks across the world to share the music that connects people with God. Through knowing and living for our Father, Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ, we can bring peace to Earth. Every Sunday Afternoon – 2pm local time A non-denominationalContinue reading “Praise In The Park”