Practicing for Heaven

If we expect to be in Heaven, then we may wish to prepare to be in such a place. Are you ready to be in the presence of Christ? If you were in Christ’s presence, how would you behave? How would you feel? What would you think? What would you wish? Does that scare you?Continue reading “Practicing for Heaven”

Help! I want to kill myself!

Suicidal? Scroll down to get straight to the advice. For years, in my darkest moments, I would type those words into a search engine. Every time, the same advice would come up, no matter what website I opened. I am sure if you have found this page, you have already read the standard advice fromContinue reading “Help! I want to kill myself!”

Hallelujah! Death is overcome!

I pledge I will never kill myself, God.From that pledge, I ask You, Jesus Christ, to lead me to Heaven.I have seen and heard evidence of You, Jesus Christ, and I believe in those evidences,I believe that You, Jesus Christ, love me.I believe that You, Jesus Christ, want me.I believe that You, Jesus Christ, haveContinue reading “Hallelujah! Death is overcome!”

Overcome Suicide Ideation

I started self-harming at around age 5, and I wanted to die from around age 15. I was born in 1986, so it has been an ever-present inner turmoil. I went through the logical phases of trying to solve this deep pain. Trying to resolve the external causes of my suffering at the start, andContinue reading “Overcome Suicide Ideation”