Iodine: The Wellness Secret

Everyone knows that vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy body. However, most people don’t know that some of these nutrients are much harder to obtain than others. Iodine is depleted in soils, and therefore it is hard to obtain from diet. Iodine and thyroid function Iodine is commonly thought of as essential forContinue reading “Iodine: The Wellness Secret”

How to know what plants are safe to eat without a list

If you have been researching paleo and animal-based nutrition, you have probably heard that some plant foods are healthier than others. If you want to know how to choose which plants to eat without memorizing or referencing a list, read on! Overview Plants have evolved to defend themselves in a variety of ways. Their defencesContinue reading “How to know what plants are safe to eat without a list”

Recreational drugs: Addiction, Socialisation & Spirituality

An epidemic of mental and physical suffering A large majority of people today are trapped in a hopeless spiral of disease and suffering, to varying degrees. Humans are not very good at accepting suffering, so they usually want to make it stop. The first choice will always be what is easily obtained and socially acceptable.Continue reading “Recreational drugs: Addiction, Socialisation & Spirituality”

Human Nutrition Basics

Are you looking to understand what our bodies need to survive at a basic level? Then this is the article for you! Overview Our body needs fuel to make energy, and materials to repair and build. Our body uses both fats and carbohydrates for energy. Our body uses protein to repair and build new cellsContinue reading “Human Nutrition Basics”

Why doctors fail to heal with prescription medications

Medications are not well understood Modern medications are still commonly derived from natural sources, as it is usually cheaper than synthesising from scratch. Opioid medications are still produced from poppy seeds, blood pressure medication from a species of milkweed, and laxatives from senna. Some medicines have been developed through building on thousands of years ofContinue reading “Why doctors fail to heal with prescription medications”

What does curing disease mean?

I proclaim to have healed my own chronic illnesses, and I believe that others can do the same. What do I mean by this? How do we know if we have healed or cured disease? How does it happen? Curing disease means that symptoms of illness are no longer present. This means that if youContinue reading “What does curing disease mean?”