These fears poison our lives

Powerlessness. Death. We fear apocalypse. We fear war. We fear pandemics.We fear terrorism.We fear bombs.We fear poisons.We fear nature.We fear humans.We fear death. We can avoid deadly things. We are still going to die.One day the snake will bite us. We can run from fear all our life.We can lie about our fearlessness.But death comesContinue reading “These fears poison our lives”

You’ve never heard this before.

Hell is going to come to Earth out of logical progression of ego-centric understanding and behaviours compounding each other. The only way out is allegiance to the Truth over ego. Without dedication to the Truth, nothing matters except protecting the self. This belief then compounds evil through logical progression and the resulting behaviors. This isContinue reading “You’ve never heard this before.”

Can you block the flow of life?

People are whole complex and evolving beings. We cannot be one dimensional and static, because the river of life is ever changing. I keep waiting for the perfect moment to stop the momentum of the river of my life. Pick the perfect moment to build a dam and make this moment last. Build something toContinue reading “Can you block the flow of life?”

Who loves you this much?

Who loves you enough to grow you a garden? Who loves you enough to raise animals for you? Who loves you enough to light the sky? Who loves you enough to give you life? Who loves you enough to create everything for you? Who loves you enough to come in human form to teach youContinue reading “Who loves you this much?”

Can you live in this mode?

If you have spent much time listening to stories of temporary death or near death experiences, you will be aware of the “life review” experience. I have heard this experience described hundreds of times across a very diverse range of people. I have to accept the reality that the life review experience is probably real.Continue reading “Can you live in this mode?”

Pondering God’s Perspective

I don’t think it is possible for me to understand the mind of God, To know God would be to know the extent of God’s totality. If I were able to say for sure that I knew of everything down the minutest detail, then I would know the totality. If I knew the totality, thenContinue reading “Pondering God’s Perspective”