The root of social anxiety

My previous post addressed why intimate relationships fail, focusing on the lack of fulfilment. However, it is not just intimate relationships that have anxiety and stress associated with them. As much as 15% of the population will report social anxiety during their lifetime, and its prevalence is increasing. On the surface, it is easy toContinue reading “The root of social anxiety”

Iodine: The Wellness Secret

Everyone knows that vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy body. However, most people don’t know that some of these nutrients are much harder to obtain than others. Iodine is depleted in soils, and therefore it is hard to obtain from diet. Iodine and thyroid function Iodine is commonly thought of as essential forContinue reading “Iodine: The Wellness Secret”

Is tallow an unhealthy saturated fat?

What is tallow? Tallow is a natural animal fat obtained from beef or mutton fat. The fat is rendered (purified by heating and removing impurities) then cooled to form a white fat that is solid at room temperature. Tallow is a stable fat which can be stored without refrigeration for extended periods, as long asContinue reading “Is tallow an unhealthy saturated fat?”