Practicing for Heaven

If we expect to be in Heaven, then we may wish to prepare to be in such a place. Are you ready to be in the presence of Christ? If you were in Christ’s presence, how would you behave? How would you feel? What would you think? What would you wish? Does that scare you?Continue reading “Practicing for Heaven”

Light in the darkness

You find yourself in a maze on a moonless night. You have to find a way out, but you can’t see anything. You know this maze contains spike-filled pits and spears poking from the walls, but you have no idea how to avoid them. You reach into your pocket and find an intercom. You pressContinue reading “Light in the darkness”

The Rapture is Eternal

My current belief is that Christians throughout history thought they live in the end times because they do. I believe each soul can become caught up in the rapturous love of Jesus Christ, and be saved. I wasn’t Christian prior to a supernatural meeting with Jesus in January 2022, but ever since His core teachingsContinue reading “The Rapture is Eternal”

The Hidden Secret of Hell Near Death Experiences

You may think that near-death experiences of Hell are purely a lesson in fear, to terrify you into never sinning again. However, there is a deeper Truth that Jesus wants you to know, because it can change your life. What is a Hell NDE? First, I would like to establish what a Hell near-death experienceContinue reading “The Hidden Secret of Hell Near Death Experiences”

He is why I used to love myself

He is why I had love for myself as a child.He is why I had such confidence in joy as a child.His love in Heaven is just and perfect, and He loved me. Then I came to the fallen world. People could not see me, and they judged me wrongly.The people of this world, whoContinue reading “He is why I used to love myself”