The Rapture is Eternal

My current belief is that Christians throughout history thought they live in the end times because they do. I believe each soul can become caught up in the rapturous love of Jesus Christ, and be saved. I wasn’t Christian prior to a supernatural meeting with Jesus in January 2022, but ever since His core teachingsContinue reading “The Rapture is Eternal”

You’ve never heard this before.

Hell is going to come to Earth out of logical progression of ego-centric understanding and behaviours compounding each other. The only way out is allegiance to the Truth over ego. Without dedication to the Truth, nothing matters except protecting the self. This belief then compounds evil through logical progression and the resulting behaviors. This isContinue reading “You’ve never heard this before.”

Your Consciousness Duplicates

This message was received during deep meditation, and should only be used for contemplation. Our consciousness gets copied into all beings in your next life. The sum measure of your soul, what world you have wished for, is copied into the next life consciousness. Your hopes and dreams and all you ever cared about isContinue reading “Your Consciousness Duplicates”