How to have empathy for your enemies

What a title! Is such a thing possible? How could you have empathy for your enemies? Let’s start with their mental suffering. They are in a state of anger, hate, judgement, self-righteousness, bitterness, selfishness, and ignorance. Those are all horrible mental states to be in. Anyone living in those states is unhappy. Even though theyContinue reading “How to have empathy for your enemies”

World Peace: The Easy Way

We all want a better world, don’t we? We would all like world peace? How do we do that, without causing more pain and problems through trying to force others to change? In a time of quiet meditation, I reflected on nature. If you know about permaculture, you will know the philosophy encourages gardeners toContinue reading “World Peace: The Easy Way”

He is why I used to love myself

He is why I had love for myself as a child.He is why I had such confidence in joy as a child.His love in Heaven is just and perfect, and He loved me. Then I came to the fallen world. People could not see me, and they judged me wrongly.The people of this world, whoContinue reading “He is why I used to love myself”

Hallelujah! Death is overcome!

I pledge I will never kill myself, God.From that pledge, I ask You, Jesus Christ, to lead me to Heaven.I have seen and heard evidence of You, Jesus Christ, and I believe in those evidences,I believe that You, Jesus Christ, love me.I believe that You, Jesus Christ, want me.I believe that You, Jesus Christ, haveContinue reading “Hallelujah! Death is overcome!”

Weeping For Love

Yesterday I found myself weeping on the phone to my mother about a man I have never met. A person I have followed on social media for ten years. I love him so much. My heart aches with so much love for him that it made me fall down on my knees and cry. IContinue reading “Weeping For Love”