This extremely powerful mantra will change your life

In the name of Jesus, this vessel is clean. Repeat in your mind or aloud, with eyes closed and prayerful hands. Be transformed. Please leave a comment after you have tried it!

Light in the darkness

You find yourself in a maze on a moonless night. You have to find a way out, but you can’t see anything. You know this maze contains spike-filled pits and spears poking from the walls, but you have no idea how to avoid them. You reach into your pocket and find an intercom. You pressContinue reading “Light in the darkness”

How to relieve shame

Jesus’ voice is the voice of your conscience. Your conscience is the voice that tells you what is right. As such, there is not a shred of anger in true testimony. It is pure in its perfection, and withstands all investigation. When you stand and speak honest words with no agenda, then you are speakingContinue reading “How to relieve shame”

We Are Celebrants Of Christ

We celebrate His Life, His Sacrifice, His Way, His Love, His Grace, His Compassion, His Mercy, His Gentle Heart, His Tenderness, His Wisdom, His Everything. We celebrate His imminent return to each of us, both at the end of our lives and in this moment, from the unseen realm of spirit. Our main worship practiceContinue reading “We Are Celebrants Of Christ”

Overcome Suicide Ideation

I started self-harming at around age 5, and I wanted to die from around age 15. I was born in 1986, so it has been an ever-present inner turmoil. I went through the logical phases of trying to solve this deep pain. Trying to resolve the external causes of my suffering at the start, andContinue reading “Overcome Suicide Ideation”