What happened to HempNZ?

Do you want to know what happened to Hemp Farm NZ? I would love to tell you every excruciating detail, but I am afraid that I will be sued for speaking out. However, I will say that I was fired in 2018 without cause. Yet my image continues to exist on the website as ifContinue reading “What happened to HempNZ?”

How to have empathy for your enemies

What a title! Is such a thing possible? How could you have empathy for your enemies? Let’s start with their mental suffering. They are in a state of anger, hate, judgement, self-righteousness, bitterness, selfishness, and ignorance. Those are all horrible mental states to be in. Anyone living in those states is unhappy. Even though theyContinue reading “How to have empathy for your enemies”

Wealthy & Powerful People, We’re Angry!

Wealthy and powerful people of the world. I am here to say that we are angry with you. We are very angry that you have used your power and wealth in ways that have hurt us. We are so angry that you have killed so many of us, that you hate us so much thatContinue reading “Wealthy & Powerful People, We’re Angry!”