Light in the darkness

You find yourself in a maze on a moonless night. You have to find a way out, but you can’t see anything. You know this maze contains spike-filled pits and spears poking from the walls, but you have no idea how to avoid them. You reach into your pocket and find an intercom. You pressContinue reading “Light in the darkness”

Weeping For Love

Yesterday I found myself weeping on the phone to my mother about a man I have never met. A person I have followed on social media for ten years. I love him so much. My heart aches with so much love for him that it made me fall down on my knees and cry. IContinue reading “Weeping For Love”

Praise In The Park

The Global Gathering For Peace All people are welcome to join this spontaneous gathering in parks across the world to share the music that connects people with God. Through knowing and living for our Father, Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ, we can bring peace to Earth. Every Sunday Afternoon – 2pm local time A non-denominationalContinue reading “Praise In The Park”