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A small curated collection of health information videos from scientific sources.

Why does the carnivore diet work to improve health? Why is nutrition science so confusing?

Human Diet

Dr Paul Mason – Are you smarter than a doctor?
Proper human diet
Game Changers Vegan Netflix Film Debunked
Dr. Eades – ‘Paleopathology and the Origins of the Low-carb Diet’
L. Amber O’Hearn – ‘The Lipivore: What is Fat for?’
The World’s Biggest Scam
Robb Wolf – ‘Will A Low Carb Diet Shorten Your Life?’


Dr. Ted Naiman – ‘Insulin Resistance’
Dr. Jason Fung – ‘A New Paradigm of Insulin Resistance’
‘Insulin vs. Ketones – The Battle for Brown Fat’
Gary Taubes – ‘The Case Against Sugar’
Leptin & Insulin Balancing | Jason Fung, MD
Insulin at the Center of Metabolic Syndrome
Dr. Mason – ‘Lose weight and reverse diabetes’
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Fats + Cholesterol

Dr Shanahan – Saturated Fat Took The Blame
Nina Teicholz – ‘Vegetable Oils: The Unknown Story’
Dr. Chris Knobbe – Diseases of Civilization & Seed Oils
Dave Feldman – ‘Cholesterol is a Passenger’
Dr. Paul Mason – ‘Saturated fat is not dangerous’
Prof. Tim Noakes – ‘The Cholesterol Hypothesis’
Dave Feldman – ‘Energy, Exercise, and Cholesterol’
‘Why LDL cholesterol goes up with low carb diet’
How seed oils destroy mitochondria and cause disease


Prof. Thomas Seyfried – ‘Cancer as a Metabolic Disease’
Prof. Lustig – ‘Sugar, metabolic syndrome, & cancer’
Dr. Alex Petrushevski – ‘Red meat and cancer’
Dr. Lemanne – ‘Carb Restriction in Cancer Therapy’
Dr. Harper – ‘Ketogenic Diets to Prevent & Treat Cancer’
The Main Causes of Cancer | Dr. Jason Fung
Dr. Paul Mason – ‘Sunlight and health’
Keto Diet, Fasting and Cancer | Miriam Kalamian
Dr Ken Berry & Dr Jason Fung – The Cancer Code
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Dr. Jason Fung – ‘Therapeutic Fasting’
Intermittent Fasting: Why Fast Timing is Important
Dr. Caryn Zinn – ‘…On Fat and Fasting’


Dr. Michael Eades – ‘A New Hypothesis of Obesity’
Dr. Lucy Burns – ‘Carb Addiction is not your fault’
Gary Taubes – ‘The Quality of Calories’
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Mental Health

Dr Paul Mason – Reversing dementia & Alzheimer’s
Dr. Ede – Modern Diets & the Mental Health Crisis
Dr. Ede – Nutritional Psychiatry in the Real World


10 Autoimmune Conditions Benefit from Carnivore
How I Healed My Autoimmune Conditions For Good

Heart Disease

Dr Berg – This Is What Sugar Does to Your Arteries
Ivor Cummins – Inside-Out or Outside-In?
Dr. Demasi – Statin Wars: Misled by the evidence?
Dr. Diamond – Cardiovascular Risks of a High Fat Diet
Dr Diamond – Deception in Research on Saturated Fat
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Pain + Fatigue

Fibromyalgia Relief: Diet & Supplements
Dr Myhill – The Importance Of Diet In Treating CFS
‘Can LCHF and ketogenic diets improve chronic pain?’


Dr. Peter Brukner – Inflammation
Dr. Gary Fettke – Nutrition and Inflammation
Dr. Phinney – ‘Inflammation, Ketosis & Disease’
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Urinary Health

Oxalates UTI, Interstitial Cystitis & Bladder Irritation
Improve Kidney Function with Keto Diet

Eye Health

Macular Degeneration Preventable & Treatable
Dr. James Muecke – Blinded by Sugar
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Plant Toxins

Dr Gundry – Why Avoid Nightshades
Dr. Paul Mason – How lectins impact your health
Oxalate Toxicity A Comprehensive Discussion

Digestive System

IBS, Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis
Dr. Yoganathan – Foods The Gut Is Designed to Digest
Dr Mason – Fibre causes constipation & bloating
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Carnivore Diet

10 Reasons Why The Carnivore Diet Works
How much bacon gives you liver failure or cancer?
Nina Teicholz – Science and Politics of Red Meat
Red Meat is not harmful
Ken Berry, MD: Keto & Carnivore Saved His Health
Dr. Paul Saladino – Debunking The Carnivore Diet
How much bacon gives you cancer?
Dr Saladino – What’s wrong with the carnivore diet?
Dr Shawn Baker – The Carnivore Diet
Mikhaila Peterson – Don’t Eat That
Phil Escott – Why Eat Meat? The Case for Carnivores


Despite what you’ve heard, cows can save the world
Greening the deserts and reversing climate change
You’ve Been Lied to About Cows & the Environment
Hawke’s Bay Farming with Regenerative Agriculture
Regenerative farming to help counteract drought
Running out of Time – Holistic Management
The Vegetarian Myth with Lierre Keith
How Goats are Regenerating a Forest
Cows do not destroy the environment


Heavy hydrogen (deuterium) in nutritional medicine
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