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Hi, I’m Harley. I lived with chronic illness for over 20 years. After 15,000+ hours of study I found the answers that no doctors had. Now I’m cured and I want to share the answers with you.
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Let’s be well, together.

My health plan has a 100% money-back guarantee

Other health professionals take your money, then blame you for their failure. Not me! You should start to see results within 14 days, but if you don’t feel better after 3 months on the plan, you will get all your money back. I know my wellness plan works, so I’m not afraid to put my money where my mouth is. What have you got to lose?

Coaching services available include diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplementation, natural remedies, chemical sensitivities and environmental toxins.

Last Hope Articles

What does curing disease mean?

I proclaim to have healed my own chronic illnesses, and I believe that others can do the same. What do I mean by this? How do we know if we have healed or cured disease? How does it happen?…

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Human Nutrition Basics

Are you looking to understand what our bodies need to survive at a basic level? Then this is the article for you! Overview Our body needs fuel to make energy, and materials to repair and build.Our body uses both…

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