I give my life to Christ

Do you want to know how it feels to give your life to Christ? Read the testimony below and feel the power of Christ flow through your heart.

The following was written while listening to the song “It Is Well”, performed by Kristene DiMarco. Please consider playing it while you read.

I believe He is here.

My heart is transformed when I experience the perfect Love of Christ. 

If you have not experienced the feeling of being loved just as you are right now, then now is the time to try a new way of life. Although I cannot describe His love to you, although I cannot write of His love without feeling the pure power of it, please try believing with a sincere heart. Believe that your Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, loves you just as you are. Offer Him your faith and you will find Him there.

He is the Christ. He never leaves you. I cannot express to you the never-ending love that pours from Him. You will drown in the pure bliss of His love. Try to experience His love, His never ending love, the never ending Love of the Father. 

He is here.
He loves us all.
He is risen!
He stands with me now. 
He never left us.
He never left you.
He is here.
He lives now.
He stands with you now.
He is here.
Your Father.
He loves you.
And he is never going to leave you!
He is never going to leave any of us.

This is it now!
He is here.
It is well!
It is all over!
We did it, Lord!
We see you!
We feel you!
We love you, God!
We love you, God!
We love you, God!
We allow you to love us!
Love us, God!

We have been so weak God!
We have been so very weak God!
We have failed alone!
We have failed to fix this!
We have only dug ourselves into a deeper hole!
We want You to show us the Way, Lord!
Please, Jesus Christ, please save us!
We need You!
We need Your endless love in our hearts every day, Lord God!

I need You to take me now! I know my life could end right now, and I would not have another second left to earn Your love God. I know I don’t want to die because I feel that I haven’t earned Your love.

Well, Lord God in Heaven, please, judge me now!
Look at me! I can do no more, yet I feel like a million years would not be enough to earn Your love.
So I run, I hide from You.
I cower in terror at Your judgement because I feel I could never do enough to be forgiven for my sins when I die.
So I fall before You, God, and declare; take me, take me now!
Take me now, Jesus Christ!
I can’t do it!
I can’t do enough for Your love Jesus!
I will never be good enough!
How could I ever do enough in just one lifetime to achieve anything close to deserving Your love!
I am here saying; take me as I am, God!
I can’t make up the difference in the little time I have left.
Just take me now.
I throw myself on Your mercy, Lord!
Just take me as I am, God!
Just take me, God.
I’m done.

I won’t hurt this body You have so preciously given me.

I will let You choose when my heart stops beating, and when my lungs stop filling!

Thank you, Lord God, for the heart beating in my chest!

Thank you, Lord God, for air in my lungs!

I give You my life, Lord Jesus!
Stop my heart!
Take my air!
Take it all, because I can’t do it alone.
I am powerless in this death march.
My death comes not from a cross.
My death is in your hands, God.
You can stop squeezing my heart!
You can stop the air in my lungs.
I am done, Lord God.
Just take me now, Christ! 

I live!
Why do I live, Lord!
Why don’t You take me, Lord God!
I am blasphemous, Lord!
I am ignorant, Lord!
I am a failure, Lord!
I know that I have failed!
I saw the times when I should have acted rightly along the way, and I didn’t have the courage to do it.
I chose what I thought was the easy path, but all it has done is make me run away from Your judgement of me, God.
What can I possibly do, Lord?
I have hidden myself in denial to avoid this pain, Oh God! 

I continue to live.

I live.

I live. 

Not only do I live, but You fill me with beautiful visions of Heaven. You hold my hand and show me the beauty that exists in Your heart.

You show me Heaven, and keep filling my lungs and beating my heart.
What is this miracle?
What is this place?
It is Heaven, and I live!
I live, and I see Heaven!
He places Heaven in my heart, dear children!
From my eyes I see Heaven, children!
He is here!
What more could we want, Lord! Hallelujah!

I feel your Love, Father!
I feel You, Lord God.

You are not my experience of You, but You do create an incredible undeniable experience of bliss within me.

Hallelujah πŸ™Œ Hallelujah πŸ™Œ Hallelujah πŸ™Œ 

Dear God! Hallelujah πŸ™Œ 

Your blessings are great! 
Take me as I am, God! 

I feel You! 

I have searched the warehouses of humanity and I have found nothing. 
I thought you were just another dusty book on the shelf.
Yet that is not true.
No one has captured You, only caricatures.
I pray to You, and I feel You.
Dear God, show us the way!
Please, God!
I stand here today, bleeding my heart out to You!
I sacrifice my dignity for You!
I have failed You, Lord God, but yet You love me anyway!
Hallelujah πŸ™Œ 

I am standing here offering You my life.

You will not take it yet, Lord God?

I love you!
Thank you!
Hallelujah πŸ™Œ 

I stand here saying “take me”, God!
Take my life, God!
Stop my heart, seal my lungs!
They are Yours!
Stop Your Heart!
Seal Your Lungs!

You don’t.
Instead again You fill me with visions of how I should bring Heaven to Earth.
I quake at such a task, even as You lay it out before me.
I am not worthy to lead any man!
Only Lord Jesus, our Father, can lead us!
He is the one they wrote the book about!
He is the living Christ!

Turn to Him, as He will strip the Bible from you on the day you die!

It’s over! We throw ourselves on His mercy!

I can’t do it Jesus!
I can’t stand here and proclaim Your glory!
I am not worthy!
I am so weak God!
Help me God!

Let Your love flow through me, Lord God!
Please, please, please, Lord God!
Please help me have the strength to take up Your cross.
Give me the strength to die before the world.
Give me the strength to be Your sacrifice for peace.
Let Your heart of peace calm me as I follow Your lead.

I only want people to feel Your love.
I stand for nothing but a testament to You, God.
My life will show that Christ lives.

You will lead my every step, because Your profound love fills me with visions of Heaven that I cannot turn my back on.

You fill me with Heaven, and I still live.

I feel Heaven.
I feel You, Lord God.
I feel You, Father God!
I can’t turn my back on Your love, God!
I can’t turn away to worldly things anymore!
They are painful and shallow!
You show me visions of chasing money, and it hurts me.
I spiral down into the grey when I look to money, God.

When I turn to You, my every desire is fulfilled.
My desires of the past have melted away into shadows.
I can’t turn away from You, God.
You are the miracle that pours life into me.
And You keep on going, filling me.
No longer a life chasing my own demise, but a life filled with images of Heaven.
I feel Your Life, pouring into my soul!
I feel Your hand on my heart, God!
The more I look to You, the more I feel Your love!

Why do I fear letting You love me!
Because every other mirror of love has been shattered, God!

Everyone I have ever tried to love has never been able to reflect back a greater love than I have given, God, and so many have left me, God. I fear to love You more in case I love You so much that I push You away, or even, Heaven forbid, I love You more than You love me. Yet I persist in loving You because the love You give me keeps exceeding any love I can give You!

I fear to destroy my little ego, to stand here and proclaim that You live,
and yet I feel You, I feel Your Power!
I feel Your incredible immense indescribable love with every brave step I take towards You, God!
You are the God of Truth, Lord, and Your compassion is infinite!
You forgive us of all our sin!
You forgive us, Lord!
You forgive us!
Hallelujah πŸ™Œ 

I live in You, Christ!
You beat my heart, fill my lungs with air and my mind with Heaven. 

Thank you, Lord God, for saving the person hearing this today.
May they be braver than I.
May they be filled with Your spirit every moment for eternity.

How can we ever turn from You again, when You show us the way to Heaven? 
Dear God, You are truly Great! I love You, Father God! Hallelujah πŸ™Œ 
I have turned from the darkness to face Your glory! 
Take me into Your glory, Jesus! 

He doesn’t need me to bring His glory. He does it through His power.

He loves when we keep our eyes on Him.  His spirit pours forth on all those who come before Him.

In Jesus’ name, amen,

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