To the men who destroyed my life

I dedicated my 7 years of my life to building a family business with my Mother and [Mr Redacted], and I endured some of the worst hardships imaginable to make it a success, including prostituting myself to survive when [Mr Redacted] would not pay me for my work. I did these things to make the company a success, with the deepest love for my family, my country, and our planet in my heart.

Why does everyone lie?

It is commonly said that everyone lies, but why? Firstly there are little white lies which have little negative impact on life, such as cancelling an appointment because your “car broke down” rather than the truth that you just don’t feel like going. Then there are moderate lies, such as telling someone at the barContinue reading “Why does everyone lie?”

Saturated Vs Polyunsaturated Fats: How Health Consensus Was Reached

The history of animal fats and so-called ‘vegetable oils’ is one guided by passionate scientists, industry financing, and powerful institutions. Testing the theory In the 1950s, biologist Ancel Keys created the ‘diet-heart hypothesis’, the theory that saturated fat consumption causes heart disease. A prolific researcher, Keys was always careful to state that his epidemiological studies only showed anContinue reading “Saturated Vs Polyunsaturated Fats: How Health Consensus Was Reached”